What Room Should You Book When Traveling?

Whether you’re traveling for business or traveling for pleasure, you may choose to stay in a hotel during your time away from home. Some hotels give guests the option of choosing the location of their rooms and depending on where you’re going the room location that’s ideal for you will depend on a few different factors. Here are a few things to consider when you’re booking a room so that you’ll have an easier time choosing a location in the hotel you’re going to that suits you the most.


If you’re concerned about the safety of yourself and your belongings while staying in the hotel, booking a room that’s located between the second and fourth floor can be a good choice. Thieves and other intruders are known to target rooms that are located on the ground floor more frequently since they are much easier to access and escape from. If you stay in a room that’s located above the fourth floor, a fire ladder or rescue crew will have more difficulty reaching your room in the event of an emergency such as a fire. These two factors together make booking a room somewhere between the second and fourth floors the more ideal choice.

Also a good thing to keep in mind is whether or not the hotel offers hotel safes, where you can store your valuables. If you’re unsure, you can always ask the hotel while booking your room.

Peace and Quiet

You’ll have a better chance of enjoying a peaceful, quiet experience during your stay if you book a room that’s located in the middle of a hallway so that you’re less likely to be disturbed by sounds coming from the elevators or stairwells. A room on the top floor that doesn’t have anyone walking above you and is farther away from street noise can also be a great choice.


A room on the top floor may give you the best view, but you can enjoy spectacular views from other rooms that are located in different sections of the hotel, if you choose the right hotel. If you’re planning a trip to Southern California, for example, you can book one of the suites near Anaheim Convention Center that offers terrific views of Disneyland and the Anaheim Arena.


Staying in a room that’s located on the ground floor may be your safest bet if you or someone else who’s traveling with you has special accessibility needs, such as a wheelchair, scooter, or crutches. After all, trying to reach an upper floor with a wheelchair or walker can be especially challenging in some hotels, and you can avoid these obstacles by simply staying on the ground floor or booking a room on the second floor (if your hotel doesn’t have rooms on the ground floor). Plus, some hotels have all their ADA-compliant rooms located on the ground floor, so you may need to stay in one of these rooms regardless of your location preferences. You’ll want to take additional precautions when staying on the ground floor to keep you safe from possible intruders.

An easy way to make the most of your trip by booking a hotel room that’s situated in the best area for you. Whether that be a room with a view or one that has your safety or peace of mind taken into consideration, the right hotel room can make your trip even better or nicer than if these factors weren’t considered at all. If you have the ability to choose your room, think about what’s most important to you when staying somewhere else and what will make your trip nicer.


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