What to Eat Right for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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From a dietary viewpoint, our health and well-being are created by what we consume on a regular basis. It is the first meal that is considered the most essential – breakfast. For the entire day, it sets the stage and helps you to feel vigorous and full of energy, forgetting for a long time about hunger. Not only breakfast, though, but lunch and dinner should also be okay.

How many meals should there be?

Everybody has undoubtedly learned about the benefits of fractional feeding. Food should be taken, but sometimes, in small portions. Eating 4 times a day is recommended by nutritionists. The first two could, in addition, fall out in the afternoon. You ought to have breakfast twice, in other words. If we take 100 percent of the general consumption of food eaten every day, then 25 percent of the overall diet should be the share of the first breakfast, and the share of the second – 15 percent.

The morning meal should preferably account for around 30-35 percent of all food consumed in the case of three meals a day. You can use another 40-45 percent of everything that you are going to eat for lunch. Dinner should not be too nutritious, ideally, it takes about 15-25% of the daily diet.


When should you eat?

There are few of us who can afford to wake up in the morning when we want to. The schedule of work determines its own terms. Furthermore, the morning hours are the most efficient for most of us. This is particularly true of activity in the brain. And you need to feed yourself, and also feed yourself on time, in order to start the thinking process. 30-40 minutes after waking up, it is ideal to have breakfast.

On average, when you wake up at 7 in the morning, you have to sit down at the table at 7:30 am, were ready-made, fresh, and aromatic food is already waiting. It’s just half an hour to go to the morning toilet and make breakfast. If 2-morning meals are available,  then the second should be organized for yourself 2-3 hours after the first, that is, around 11 in the morning. Few people can afford to eat slowly and fully at work. However, it is quite possible to take with you, for example, a smoothie or liquid oatmeal and drink it, supposedly leaving for a smoke break – there would be a desire.

Lunch, as a rule, should be around 2-3 days, but it’s not that easy with dinner. It is understood he needs to be two hours before bedtime. But, this is the moment when a person goes to bed, everyone has a person. The last meal should, preferably, not be after 6 pm. However, you can drink a glass of kefir before going to bed or eat an apple if you really want to – such a snack will not hurt.


BJU Ratio

There is no, as such, only correct formula for the ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The average and, as experts in the field of medicine and dietetics say, the optimal ratio will be the following:

  • fats 20-30%,
  • proteins 30%,
  • carbohydrates 40%.

The ratio, however, depends on the degree of physical activity, the level of mental work, and the lifestyle that a person lives, in general. The calorie content of the diet has to be tracked by someone who loses weight, so you need to spend more than you get – so the body eventually burns out previously made reserves.

Meat and dairy goods are the sources of protein. Great dishes for morning or evening meals include a sandwich with a slice of boiled meat, an omelet or boiled egg, as well as milk porridge. By the way, not from 1, but from 2-3 eggs, an omelet can be prepared. But only on the condition that you won’t eat more eggs in the next 4-5 days.

For breakfast or dinner, many individuals eat cottage cheese or dishes from it. And they’re right, as it’s not only a source of protein but also a nutrient-rich in calcium. Another must-have for a total breakfast is fat. This applies, for those who are on a diet, to everyone. They can be extracted from vegetables or butter.

Flaxseed, olive, or corn are the most useful – with these oils, it is best to season salad. Don’t be tempted by the low price when purchasing butter. Unscrupulous producers can well slip an ordinary spread under the guise of a high-quality product. It involves so-called trans fats that are very detrimental to the body. Speaking of carbohydrates found in food, complex carbohydrates should be understood precisely. Cereals are the best source of carbohydrates. Brown rice, buckwheat, or oatmeal, for instance, are perfect choices for a balanced and tasty meal. In addition, we are not talking about instant cereals, but about usually cooked dishes.


A few words about the second breakfast and snacks

The second breakfast or snack is not as nutritious and dense as the first. It should be considered a snack that is safe. You’re not expected to eat what you already ate a few hours ago. First, this will make the food more diverse, which means it will provide more fun, and secondly, you will allocate 2 portions of food so that a full set of everything you need is included in the morning meal.

Just 200 Kcal comes out of the overall daily calorie content for those who are losing weight. It is permitted to deviate slightly from this rule by those who merely maintain their weight. It’s possible to have a fruit snack, a fermented milk drink, a light sandwich, or a handful of nuts. You can have a snack before bed in a similar way, particularly if you’ve had dinner already.

Of course, if it didn’t work out to eat on time in the evening for some reason, then going to bed to the symphony of an empty stomach is not an option. But, you don’t need too much to eat either. In contrast to a snack, a slightly more satisfying snack is enough. By arranging your breakfast, lunch, and dinner appropriately.