What Is The Best App For Tracking A Phone?


Phone tracking has become the need of the hour for many reasons. This is done for the purpose of staying aware of the target user’s activities. The idea comes to the canvas when kids get affected through various illegal channels and individuals.

Besides this, there is another pressing reason for incorporating phone tracking. Employers, in many cases face problems while maintaining business productivity and employee engagement, and loyalty towards the business.

The experts are of the view that in such situations, the only solution that comes to the drawing board is the use of a phone tracker app for target user’s cell phones.

Breaking down the concerns of parents

It is observed and in many cases and reported in research studies that kids nowadays having a busy time while earning their hands over the cell phones, especially in the post-pandemic situation.

They get connected to criminals through their social networks and become the victims of harassment and cyber bullying. A few kids start involving in criminal activities also.

They become part of gangsters and take part in robbing, gambling, and other criminal activities that are needed to be restricted by the parents. The harassment issues strongly affect the mental and physical health of the child and academic performance massively.

  • Cyber bullying
  • Harassment
  • Cyber predating
  • Gambling
  • Snatching and robbery

The employers’ reservations

The employers’ most pressing concern is the lost or reduced productivity of their employees. The employees’ productivity is the most significant indicator of business performance.

But the problem comes to the table when employees start involving in unproductive activities like excessive social media and internet usage during working hours.

Moreover, it is reported by some employers that a few of their employees have tried to steal business secrets and looked to reveal them to the unconcerned individuals for the sake of posing damage to the business out of personal differences with the employers.

  • Productivity problems
  • Excessive social media and internet usage
  • The threat of exposing business secrets

The solution to the problems

The solution that is highly complimented and recommended by the experts for parents and employers is the use of a phone tracking app that can actively clone even a single bit of activity taking place on the target cell phone.

The best phone tracking solution that is available nowadays is TheOneSpy. It can be installed on android devices by the end-users by getting physical access to the target phone.

The kids and employees do not get any clue of the spying activity at all, as the app is designed in such an effective manner. A few of the spying features of the spy app are as follows.

TheOneSpy – Key features

Blocking a number of websites

A number of URLs can be blocked for access from the target device. This allows coping with the productivity issues of the employees. Besides this, the parent can restrict the child from accessing the websites containing inappropriate content, thus adding to protecting the kids from getting into moral disgrace.

Phone call recording

Every bit of communication taking place through phone calls can be monitored. This allows monitoring employees’ intentions towards the business. Apart from this, the parent can have a watch over the child’s communication, and if there lies anything fishy, the necessary steps can be taken.

The password chaser

This feature of the phone tracking app reveals the password of all the installed applications on the target phone, thus making it a bit convenient for the end-users to extensively track their intended users’ activities.

Social media monitoring facility

The app allows the end-user to view and read all the chats, listening to voice notes, and tracking images and videos shared over the network. The app has VoIP and video calls recording feature as well, for serving its valued customers.

Screen recorder of the app

The phone tracking app furnishes screen recording. This records all the live performing screen activities over the target cell phone and provides a fair insight into the target user’s take-ups.


The best phone tracking app is TheOneSpy. It can be installed on android devices without any hassle and serves all the concerns of parents and employers in real-time.