What Is A Cyber-Physical System?

The word cyber- physical was invented in the year 2006 by the US national foundation’s program manager Dr. Helen Gill. Although this system had a long history when cybernetics had just begun, Norbert Wiener defined this system as the science of control and communications between machines and humans.

CPS is also called “the next generation computing system.” This technology uses computational techniques related to the physical world and computational units. For example, CPS can interlink with a real environment system by using if computation. The interaction of computational and physical units is basically the tools of advanced IoT(Internet of Things). Basically, IoT and CPS are made to support real-time applications that have the ability to manage environmental databases.

What Is A Cyber-Physical System?

The cyber-physical system is made up of physical components and cyber components, so that is why we call it a Cyber-physical system. This technology is based upon information processing computer systems. CPS is ingrained into the products like airplanes, cars, mobile phones, and other devices. This computer-based system has the power to do specific tasks.

For example, CPS is ingrained in cars to control brake force. This technology connects with the physical environment by utilizing Actuators and Sensors. However, these ingrained systems are not working independently.

They share their data and information with cloud computing through the internet, and here data can be collected from several embedded systems. The decentralized embedded system has collected data by computational units. After that, collected data can be automatically processed or by Human Machine Interface.

The Main Features Of A Cyber-Physical System

The first approach of CPS is ESs centered, and it is useful to know the importance of communication networks and feedback loops from the physical process. Mainly the two key features of this technology distinguished CPS from ES.

The main feature of this technology is it has the capacity to identify the transformations in the physical processes and has the ability to take actions in real-time. Also, it can ensure the safety and functional requirements of the system.

The second approach of this technology is that it expands the concept of CPSs in excess of ESs, which includes OT and industrial devices in the world of wired networks. This second approach also allows you to identify the features which are accessed in CPS. Also, the growing tendencies in this field of CPS overcome prospects and challenges.

These accessory features can be added to CPSs, but they are not part of this technology.

The Uses Of The Cyber-Physical System

1)  Smart Greenhouse

Cyber-physical system plays a vital role in terms of agriculture. It developed the productivity of agriculture, which provides the raw material for food industries. This system has an inbuilt tendency that measures various parameters such as humidity, temperature, amount of light, and irrigation.

This gives responses to the changes of parametric according to the computer program, which is designed to ensure better development in the future. Additionally, it continuously gives reports to the users about the condition of the greenhouse.

2) Health care

Almost every medical industry uses this technology named the Cyber-Physical system. It is useful because it helps to monitor the real-time situation, and the remote sensor of this will help to identify the physical conditions of the patients. This also leads to improve quality treatments for elderly and disabled patients. Moreover, it has an additional feature that limits the patients from hospitalization.

In the future, these systems will be a conglomerate with network closed loop systems, including a human loop, which will improve the quality of workflows and safety.

3) Transportation

Vehicles have the ability to communicate with real humans by sharing the details of locations, traffic, and if any issue will occur in the future. Basically, it prevents accidents and improves safety measurement. In addition, the functions of vehicles will be accomplished in a distributed manner by improving performance and reducing the emission rate.

For example, the braking system of CPS not only stops the car but also prevents the exact collision.

4)   Buildings

CPS is ingrained in buildings that are called smart buildings. The function mainly improves the productivity of energy and reduces energy consumption along with greenhouse emissions. This technology has been used to sense humidity and temperature. This computerized system has been embedded into buildings because it can identify the changes in the environment.

Last Words

Cyber-physical systems are basically the amalgamations of hardware and software. This technology is being connected through a network so that the virtual world can identify the real physical world in cyberspace. The main intention of innovating the Cyber-physical system is to maintain the disciplines and compute real-time facts. Therefore, it requires skilled manpower to assist and develop the technology of the new generation.

It can change and improve the quality of daily life, and it can detect many critical issues.

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