What Is A/B Testing & How It Can Skyrocket Your Online Business

A B Testing

Running google ads & social media ads to scale your online business? But, still not getting good conversions. It’s time to take a step back and reflect on what is keeping you away from getting more leads, acquiring more customers, and increasing your revenue. But, how will you get to know what’s working right & what’s wrong? Therefore, we decided to get you acquainted with what is A/B testing & how it can skyrocket your online business.

Before, we jump onto how you can accelerate your business growth through A/B testing. Let’s understand what is A/B testing in Marketing.

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is also known as split testing. It allows you to test the conversion rate, click-through rate, and performance of different variables. And, help you to decide what’s working best according to the generated reports.

However, you can’t improve your ad performance without knowing what’s getting you more conversion and what needs to be discarded. And, A/B testing helps you to get the winner and use it in your campaigns for escalating your ad performance.

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I hope you will leverage other impactful digital marketing tactics in your business. For now, let’s get full steam ahead to discover how A/B testing can help to boost your business growth.

Benefits Of A/B Testing For Your Business Growth

Yes! A/B testing yields tremendous benefits for your business by utilizing it in the right way you can accelerate your business growth. Let’s learn what are the benefits A/B testing yields for your business growth.

1. Provides You Data Based On Performance

How would you determine if your headlines, head copies, call to action, infographics are engaging the users or get them off from your website? Knowing this A/B is the best way around.

You can test different variables on your landing pages such as headings, landing page copy, and CTA. Make sure you only test one variable at a time to find out the actual conversion rate & engagement.

As you get the winner, use the winning variable in your campaigns and try to figure out why this worked and the other one didn’t.


2.  Helps To Improve Your Future Campaigns

Without getting the real statistics of different variables performance on your landing page can get you stuck in a rut. How can you get great results by repeating the same mistake again and again?

Well, the A/B test allows you to realize the mistakes in the headline, ad copy, and different variables so that you can work on them and from the next time improve your campaign’s performance to the next level.

Future Campaigns

3.  Helps To Understand Different Group Of Audience

Yes! Not only the headlines, call to action, images, infographics but also you can get deep insights of your different audience segments. Once you discover how different groups of audiences interact with your ads. You can run your future ad campaigns according to the preference of different audience groups and skyrocket your conversion rate.

Different Group Of Audience

4.  Better Conversion In Less Budget

A/B testing is always done at the beginning of ad launch. And, helps to get an insight of what’s actually working or not for your goal. You have the power to stop & run your ad anytime. Once you have all the winners in different variables you can stop the ads that aren’t working or let the winners perform at their best for you.

So, You have got acquainted with the use of A/B testing in digital marketing. Now it’s time to learn about what are the elements you can test in A/B Testing.

Better Conversion In Less Budget

What Are The Variables You Can Test With A/B Testing?

Well, A/B testing can be done on anything that can be changed on your landing page or ads. But, If you set out to test each and everything most of your ad budget will get exhausted in testing, and a whole month will pass.

So, you only need to test the variables that are highly impactful and influence the user’s behaviors.

Here are the following elements you can do A/B testing to improve your campaign’s performance and escalate your business growth.

  • Images
  • Headline
  • Ad Copies
  • Infographics
  • Product Description
  • Call To Action
  • Audience

Now! You are aware of everything you need to know about A/B testing, how it helps in business growth, what are the variables you should test. Let’s walk through with me to learn how to do A/B testing.

How To Do A/B Testing?

Finding the real winner completely depends on the process you go through to test different elements. Let’s read through to learn & implement an effective A/B testing process for yielding higher conversion rate in your ad campaigns.

Follow the steps below to A/B Test For Your Next Ad Campaign.

  1. Decide the element you want to test. ( headline, call to action, ad copy)
  2. Prepare two different versions of it.
  3. Decide the duration & ad budget of your campaign. And, after it launched both campaigns for the lower duration just to figure out what’s working or not.
  4. Let the campaign run for 3-7 days to generate reports.
  5. After it, see & analyze the report. Announce your winner version and use the winner in future campaigns.

Conclusion: In this article, I have got you acquainted with what is A/B testing & how it can skyrocket your online business, what elements you need to test, and the effective process of A/B testing. So, leverage A/B testing in every campaign to find out the actual winner and accomplish your business goals smartly with less budget.