Unique Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Your Business

Artificial intelligence, or AI, came into our consciousness via science fiction. The concept of AI conjures up robots that clean your house and programs that drive your car. While these concepts are an aspect of AI, there are so many more AI applications than that, including AI programs that benefit your business. This post looks at five ways that you can incorporate the benefits of AI into your business model for greater success.

1. Enhancing Customer Service With Chatbots

Chatbots, if created correctly, simulate human-to-human conversations with your customers. They analyze the interaction, and once they have a grasp on the issue, they send preconditioned responses to the customer on the chat. Different types of chatbots exist. Some recognize the human voice. Others are menu- or button-based. Still others are made to schedule appointments or offer customer support. If you have any kind of menu-based or scheduling tasks, you can use a chatbot (instead of a human) to deal with common customer issues.

This frees up your staff to do other more important and complicated tasks. As Business News Daily suggests, AI doesn’t replace your employees. Rather, it offers them support to help them do their jobs more efficiently, which ultimately helps your bottom line.

2. Automated Research

By nature, certain industries, like law or medicine, are quite complex — too complex for the human brain to keep track of them. Often searching for information that can help patients or clients really is akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, for professionals like attorneys, you will want to work with a company who can help you with legal case search which can greatly benefit your law firm business.

The best AI programs for this type of task scan the web, looking for issues. The AI then connects the dots that can either help a lawyer make a stronger case or help a doctor find a better treatment for their patients.

If you work in a complex business like this, you may find that AI is the tool you need to enhance your research efforts. These programs save you time and money, and when it comes to winning a case or saving the life of a patient, this benefit shouldn’t be overlooked.

3. Prevent Cyber Threats

When it comes to preventing cyber attacks, time of the essence. As such, the quick “thinking” of AI plays a key role in preventing cyberattacks and even possible cyberthreats before they become threats. Cybersecurity-related artificial intelligence programs scan the data in your system, checking for possible threats. Once detected, your cybersecurity team can go back through the data and patch up any weaknesses.

The real advantage of AI here is that these programs can scan far more information than even the best human minds can. This allows you to quickly deal with a cyberthreat or attack before the real damage is done.

4. Help With Content Marketing

Nowadays, content marketing is the lifeblood of many marketing strategies. Content marketers who use AI scan data and come up with the best content marketing tactics. Additionally, some programs help content marketers figure out variables, like ideal buyer persona, the right keywords, social media content, and more.

Other content marketing AI helps you figure out the best days to post your content, as well as the right time of day. Some programs even help you analyze your competitors’ content marketing efforts so that you can find hidden advantages or loopholes that will allow your content rank better on the SERPs.

5. Price Optimization

Setting your business’s prices is tricky. On the one hand, you want to price your goods and services high enough so that you make a profit and your business prospers. On the other hand, if you price your wares too high, you may be swallowed up by your competitors who offer similar goods and services but at a more reasonable price.

Artificial intelligence comes in handy here because you can do some price comparisons to find the best possible price for your goods and services. You will charge enough that you make money and keep yourself in business. However, you won’t charge so much that you lose potential customers to your competitors.

Final Words on How AI Can Benefit Your Business

From cybersecurity to legal research, AI plays a big role in business these days. In light of this, if you haven’t incorporated AI into your business, it’s time to think about it. AI boosts your employees’ efficiency, helps you spot weaknesses in your business, and can even help you gain a competitive advantage over even your most powerful competitors.