Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

Owning a home is a significant investment, especially if you take good care of it and improve its value while you live there. Apart from living comfortably, conducting improvements, remodeling, and upgrading the house comes with additional benefits, especially if you plan to sell the home later or use it as security for a loan. You can pursue several improvement ideas, but you must consider those upgrades that carry a good return on investment. Here are some of the enhancements that will help increase the value of your home.

Kitchen Remodeling

If you want to increase the value of your home, there is no better place to start than the kitchen. You can choose to undertake minor projects such as improving your storage space, refinishing or redesigning the cabinets, and upgrading the faucets. Some of the major projects you can undertake in the kitchen to increase the home’s value include changing the tiles to wood or laminate, changing the windows and doors, adding a cooking space, expanding the dining, and changing the countertops and cabinets. These upgrades can help increase the value of your home by a significant margin.

Install energy-efficient appliances

As the world moves towards conservation efforts and the use of environmentally-friendly appliances and materials, you can choose to increase the value of your home by switching to the use of green energy. The energy-efficient appliances will help reduce energy costs, hence boosting your savings while protecting the environment from additional pollution and harm. Some of the projects you can consider include installing solar panels, investing in a smart thermostat to aid in temperature regulation, improving your home’s insulation, and changing any exterior insulated doors that are not functioning properly.


If you have space outside the home that is mostly unused, you can undertake landscaping projects that improve the curb appeal and help boost the value of the home. Homes with landscaping that is done professionally tend to attract more buyers and increase the bargaining power of the house owner. Some of the projects you can undertake include building an aluminum fence such as those from aluminum fences direct, planting trees such as white dogwood, saucer magnolia, crape myrtle, redbud, and Chinese pistache. You can also plant flowers, place hanging baskets, rake and clean up the grass to remove bushes, twigs, and dead trees. Adding a walkway and elegant patio furniture makes the outdoor look more appealing and welcoming while increasing the home’s value.

Upgrading the Roofing

A new roof creates instant curb appeal, especially to would-be buyers, and is a major attraction to individuals looking for a home. Installing a new roof helps increase the home resell value since it is a sign of longevity for years to come. With new roofing technologies such as the cool roof technology and green roofs, which come with excellent energy star ratings due to their ability to reflect solar heat, you can reduce the overall cooling costs of the home. Apart from the outstanding appearance, a new roofing project promises longer warranties and a clean bill of health in case of building inspections. All these advantages will help you increase the resale value of the home immediately after the project.

Upgrade to Energy-efficient Windows

Windows with single panes are common, yet they allow heat to pass through them, raising the overall cost of warming the house. Investing in energy-efficient windows helps resolve this problem, especially during the cold seasons, since they help in heat retention and also enable you to save on heating costs. These upgrades are affordable and soundproof, which allows you to live and relax in a quiet and peaceful environment. The energy efficiency brought about by these windows helps in increasing the value of your home significantly.

Change the Interior Lighting

Lighting in the house is an upgrade that most individuals don’t consider as a major project when seeking to upgrade the value of their homes. LED and energy-saving bulbs will greatly help reduce the home’s overall energy consumption while also lasting longer than normal bulbs. The LED lights are eco-friendly and help in conservation measures. They emit very little heat, thereby helping you save on cooling costs in the home while increasing the home value.


Some other upgrades that will help boost the value of your home include new plumbing, adding rooms and bathrooms, changing the garage door, and investing in backup generators. The above upgrades are some of the best upgrades if you seek to increase your home’s value.