Things to Think About Updating Around Your Home As You Get Older

Aging comes with a lot of beauty, wonder, and grace. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to run into problems as you get older – particularly problems where what you use to be able to do is not like what you’re able to do now. Your bones age with you, and your ability to heal is likely to slow. You should show your body as much care as anything else you care about, because a nasty trip or fall could require more recovery time than it would have in your younger years.

A good way to watch out for yourself is to circumvent any particular hazards before they can happen. This would include updating the day to day environments around you like your car or your home.

Home Entrances

Walking up slippery steps is dangerous for anyone, especially as you get older and your bones become less capable of safely sustaining a fall. If you don’t already have handrails on the steps up to your home, you might think about getting some as these important safety features make it easier to climb stairs. Another option is to replace your stairs entirely and get a ramp instead. A ramp is useful in the event that you or your loved ones need a wheelchair or even crutches. Of course, you must take steps to ensure that the ramp does not also become slippery in inclement weather. This is where having access to road salt would come in serious handy.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is one of the most common places people fall while in their home. Considering the amount of water that leaves a wet film behind after a shower, or the amount of water and soap that has the potential to get on the floor after a bath or washing your hands, it’s not that hard to see why. Slick tiles and water can make for an accident just waiting to happen.

On top of that, if you struggle to move as quickly or as easily as you did before, manuvering in an environment where everything is wet can be extra dangerous. The best example would be trying to get in and out of a traditional tub. This can be a hassle if you struggle to lift yourself out of the bathtub, or finding standing under a shower head long enough to clean yourself incredibly taxing. A tub to shower conversion is one smart idea to get around both problems. With this renovation, you can simply walk into the shower instead of stepping over a ledge into the tub. Professional installation of grab bars by the toilet and the shower also helps to improve safety and independent mobility.

First-floor Bedroom and Full Bathroom

A time could come in your life when you’re unable to safely navigate steps. Without a bedroom and full bathroom on the first floor, you could have to move out of your home. Consider what additions need to be made in order to create a full bathroom. You also may already have a room on the first floor that can easily convert into a bedroom. For example, adding in a closet and new furniture can transmute a den or office into a bedroom.

Security System and Alerts

Now is the time to install a security system and to make certain that all monitors are in good working condition. You should also look into an alert device that you can keep on your person. For example, if you take a fall or find yourself in some other type of emergency situation, you can press a button on this device to connect to the authorities.

As you get older, you’ll likely need to make changes to your home. Think of these efforts as work that allows you to stay in a comfortable environment without fear of falling or having an accident with devastating consequences.