Top Tourist Attractions To Visit In North Lanarkshire

North Lanarkshire is a Scottish county located between Glasgow and Edinburgh. North Lanarkshire is steeped in history and is home to a number of picturesque towns. North Lanarkshire is home to spectacular Scottish landscapes, a vibrant traditional heritage, and an abundance of activities for all ages. 

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Castle Craignethan

In the sixteenth century, a castle was constructed to shelter aristocratic Scottish families and to protect against the surrounding area. Craignethan Castle is steeped in Scottish tradition and served as the inspiration for Walter Scott’s book Old Mortality. During his visit to the castle, the famed artist JMW Turner did several sketches and drawings. Today, visitors may tour the castle ruins and see the magnificent architecture and Britain’s first caponier. A nature exploration trail descends from the castle into the neighboring woodlands for hikers. Craignethan Castle is steeped in history and culture, with breathtaking views from every vantage point.

Country Park of Strathclyde

Strathclyde Country Park is a symbol of rural North Lanarkshire. The park, which encompasses 400 hectares, is centred around the man-made Strathclyde Loch. Here, you’ll find breathtaking views of the Scottish countryside, as well as spectacular views of the nearby Loch and River Clyde. Seek for relics of a Roman fort and baths to get a sense of Scotland’s illustrious past up close. Visit M&D for a day of fun at Scotland’s most popular theme park. Nature lovers will love visiting Strathclyde Country Park’s vast parklands and forests, which are situated in the heart of Scotland’s capital city. It’s a good starting place for your excursions in North Lanarkshire.

A black smear on a log

Black Loch is one of the most popular lochs in North Lanarkshire. Visit the loch for stunning views of the water or to try your hand at fly fishing. Trout are the most prevalent species of fish in the loch, and there are other varieties available, including rainbow trout, brown trout, and blue trout. Before returning to your starting location, visit the neighboring hamlet of Limerigg for further animal viewing in the calm countryside. To really immerse yourself in North Lanarkshire, relax with a pint at a local bar.

The Antonine Wall is a first-century AD construction.

The Antonine Wall, built by the Romans between the East Forth and East Clyde rivers, is one of North Lanarkshire’s most recognizable landmarks. The wall was built on grass-covered stone foundations. According to historical documents, the structure was created around the year 154 AD. The first wall was 63 kilometers long and three meters high. Visitors may now stroll beside the wall’s remnants or ride their bicycles the whole length of the path. Numerous attractions and activities are located around the wall, including dining establishments and rowing along with one of the surrounding bodies of water (weather permitting). The wall itself produces a beautiful vista in the surrounding natural landscape, making it a must-see site in North Lanarkshire.

Chatelherault Park

North Lanarkshire is well-known for its stunning landscape, and Chatelherault Country Park is one of the best places to see it up close. This park, which dates all the way back to 1548, is home to a number of ancient buildings, including a hunting lodge and an 18th-century summerhouse. Take a peek at these well-preserved buildings before venturing into the adjacent park. The park is famous for its ancient oak trees, magnificent panoramas, and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The River Avon runs through the park, and you may cross it through the magnificent Dukes Bridge, which overlooks the river. The Chatelherault Country Park is jam-packed with attractions and activities, making it one of the highlights of a visit to the region’s countryside.


Cumbernauld is a famous town in the Scottish county of North Lanarkshire. It was created in the mid-twentieth century with the intention of developing a new suburb for Glasgow. There are several retail alternatives, including the first shopping mall in the United Kingdom and the world’s first multi-story town center. Apart from the many department stores and boutiques located throughout the city center, there are various cafés and restaurants where you may relax after a hard day of shopping. 

Visit Cumbernauld Glen, situated in the city’s centre, to learn about the local flora and fauna, or the town’s museum to learn about the town’s rich history. For the bravest, the Cumbernauld Outdoor Activity Center offers paintball, archery, and off-road driving, among other things. Cumbernauld provides something for everyone, regardless of age or interest.

In the Nutshell

North Lanarkshire is renowned for its stunning Scottish countryside, rich traditional heritage, and a broad variety of activities suitable for tourists of all ages. When you next pay a visit to North Lanarkshire, these are some of the best places you can see here. So, wait no more and plan your trip with AirlinesMap and get the best United Kingdom tour package to have the most memorable and pocket-friendly experience ever!

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