Top 3 Roof Maintenance Tips You Should Know 

Roof Maintenance

The roof is one of the most important parts of your house. The roof will protect you and your house from various harmful outdoor elements. Therefore, as the homeowner, you need to take proper care of your roof. Even though the roof maintenance process is daunting and time-consuming, homeowners should not overlook the importance of roof maintenance and call the nearby roofing company for maintenance.

It doesn’t matter what the roofing of your house is; you need to ensure its longevity with proper care and maintenance methods. The durability and longevity of your roof entirely depend on how you take care of them. When you promptly inspect your roof, you can prevent massive damages such as water leakage or mold growth. Not to mention, you can also avoid restoring the entire roof due to severe damages. Here are the top 3 great roof maintenance tips you need to know.

Inspect the Shingles Thoroughly Each Season 

Each season comes with unique weather and temperature pattern. The summer months cause excessive sun and UV-ray damage. On the other hand, the cold winter months bring potential leaks and snowstorms. As your roof is exposed to all the outdoor elements, it might be damaged pretty soon. This is why it’s imperative to inspect each shingle and other roofing materials every season thoroughly. While inspecting the shingles, search for signs of damages. Additionally, don’t forget to check the vent pipes and the integrity of the caulk. If you see areas with lichen or moss, this will indicate the decay of materials beneath those shingles. If you think the damages are severe, consider contacting Benchmark Roofing & Restoration

Treat for Lichen, Moss, and Algae 

You will face terrible roofing problems if you allow lichen, moss, and algae to grow on your roof. As per Ehow, moss can retain moisture. They will damage the internal structure of the roof and make the appearance unsightly. The growth of moss and lichen often occurs during the hot summer months, especially in the shady portions of your roof. If you notice signs of moss and lichen, make sure you contact professionals as they will get rid of them properly. Once the roof is dry and clean, you can use many preventive products that contain copper and zinc. These products will prevent moss, algae, and lichen from growing again. This is one of the best roof maintenance tips you need to know.

Clean the Gutters 

As mentioned earlier, the maintenance process you take for your roofs will determine their lifespan. Most homeowners don’t take proper care of their roofs and shorten their lifespan. While maintaining your roof, make sure you pay close attention to the gutters. When you keep the gutters in perfect condition, they will protect your roof by redirecting the dirt and water away from the home foundation and the roof. The gutters are one of the best ways to protect your roof from water damage. To ensure the effectiveness of the gutters, you need to keep them free from sticks, leaves, and other debris. The leaves can clog your gutter, especially if you have trees in your backyard. In such cases, you need to clean the gutters twice a month.


These are the top 3 roof maintenance tips you should know. Are you planning for roof restoration or maintenance? Make sure you call us, and we will send a team of professionals right away.