Top 10 Mistakes Made While Traveling


Who among us has never made any mistakes in travel let us cast the first stone. Even the most seasoned travelers occasionally make one mistake or another out of carelessness or distraction. And there are certain mistakes that can be easily avoided, either through a little more attention in planning or through a little more improvisation during the trip! Below you will find a list of 10 mistakes made while traveling that can help you to enjoy more on your upcoming adventures around the world.

1. Trying to fit too many destinations in too little time

This is a mistake I see being made quite often. It is not uncommon to see travel plans for 2 or 3 weeks that include visiting 3 different countries on the other side of the world. Visiting a city in each country does not mean that you know that country. I know it’s tempting to have your passport full of stamps, but that doesn’t make you a traveler, just a tourist. My suggestion is always the same: limit the plan to 1 country, at most 2, so you can get to know that destination seriously and don’t spend more time traveling between places than actually getting to know the country.

2. Overfilling the backpack/suitcase

Every time I travel I fill my backpack less. And I do it because I learned the hard way that traveling with the house behind only gets in the way. It’s amazing how few things we need on the road and how many we think we need when we’re packing. I usually take enough clothes for 1 week of travel and then wash as needed. I only take what I know I won’t be able to buy at the destination in order to reduce as much as possible the number of things and weight in the suitcase.

3. Do not go to the Traveler’s Consultation

When we travel to tropical or developing countries we are subject to a range of illnesses, often potentially fatal. The Traveler’s Consultation helps you know what vaccines and medications you should take before and during your trip. It is given by a doctor who specializes in the subject and is essential to ensure that your dream trip does not turn into a real nightmare that you will never forget. Yes, it may be that you don’t have any vaccines or any special medications and that everything goes well, but the reality is that the opposite can also happen. Don’t take chances!

4. Not checking and rechecking travel documents

Imagine that after months of dreaming about the day of departure for your dream destination, you finally arrive at the airport and cannot board because there is an error with the date, with your passport number or with your name… What a nightmare for sure ? It is for these and other reasons that it is so important to carefully review all the details of your travel documents , whether these are airline tickets, Apartments rentals or hotel reservations for example.

5. Not taking out travel insurance

This is another point that often fails when planning a trip. We always think that nothing bad will happen as long as we are very careful and attentive. The problem is that bad luck always happens when you’re not expecting it and that’s why you should always have a good travel insurance that will help you to overcome any adversity while traveling smoothly and without more worries than necessary.

6. Do not make copies of passports and other important documents

Losing your passport and other documents is something that can very well happen at any time and it can make you feel totally lost in a foreign country. That’s why you should scan all your important documents that, in addition to sending them to people you trust, you should save in email so that you can access them from anywhere if necessary.

7. Not trying to interact with the local culture and population

Why travel to a new destination, with a totally new culture and so much to know and discover, just to be surrounded by other travelers or by the group you are traveling with? The same applies to experiencing the local culture: what’s the point of traveling if you’re not going to spend some time getting to know the culture of the destination you’re in ? The most memorable moments of my travels were those when I had the opportunity to see how the local population lives, how they interact with each other and how their traditions and customs are so different from those I am used to!

8. Don’t risk local cuisine

This point is directly related to the Last one. The local cuisine is part of the trip, and not risking and tasting the delicacies and traditional dishes of the country in which you travel makes you miss a good part of the experience. Spending all my time eating in European cuisine or fast food restaurants is something I cannot understand. I realize that at the end of some time eating a food that is so strange to you, there is the desire to “clean” your palate with something you are more used to, but don’t make it a rule!

9. have too many expectations

When we choose a destination, it is normal to have expectations regarding the experience we are going to have there. If we choose it, it is because we really want to go there: either because the landscapes enchant us or because the culture fascinates us. But it is important not to “deify” that destiny too much . Too many expectations prevent us from taking advantage of the surprises that this destination will offer us and it creates too much pressure on the experience you will have there. If you manage to control your expectations and remain prepared to embrace in the best way everything that may happen to you, your experience will be much better!

10. Limiting yourself to a predefined itinerary

Pre-trip research is always essential. It’s important to have an idea of ​​the particular destinations and attractions you really want to visit, but it’s also important that you don’t over-plan your trip to the point where you won’t be able to take a detour if the opportunity arises. Many of the most interesting places in a destination don’t come in travel guides, and end up coming to you in the middle of the trip. Try to stay flexible enough to be able to change your plans if necessary. For this it will be important not to book all transport and accommodation on departure, for example.

And that’s it, I hope these tips will help you on your next trips around the world! Happy travels!

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Name- Julien Chbib

Bio- Julien is the founder of Julius Homes His interest in hiking, skiing, and adventure holidays made him bring together the choicest accommodations around the globe to make holidays relaxing and comfortable.