Things To Pay Attention To When Choosing Tiles For Your Home

When choosing new tiles, most people opt for ceramics. They are clean, hygienic, and most importantly, it’s cheap! While ceramic tiles remain a favourite, there are still more than enough viable options to choose from, and all of their appeals depend on several factors, so we are going to talk about some factors you should consider before choosing the right tiles for your home.

  1. The Room Size

The most important part of choosing new tiles is taking the room size into account. A larger room works better with big ceramic tiles, they even make the room appear more spacious. Smaller ceramic tiles work better in bathrooms. Small tiles are better in rooms where there is a higher danger of slipping, this means that smaller tiles are perfect for the bathroom. By having more space for grout (we’ll get to that later) between the tiles more traction is added for the feet, resulting in a smaller chance of slipping. Smaller tiles are generally more suited for smaller areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets.

  1. Durability of the Tiles

One thing you should look out for when purchasing tiles is their porosity. The more porous the tile is, the more water it absorbs. This means that you should avoid porous tiles for your kitchen, bathroom, and any room that you know will get wet. Investing in higher quality tiles will also ensure that they will last longer, remember that some tiles are prone to rust stains. Some tile materials that are prone to rust stains include porcelain and ceramic.

  1. The Color Scheme

This part is down to personal taste. What vibe do you want to give off when someone enters the room? Serene, atmospheric, relaxing, or awe-inspiring? Tiles usually aren’t the focus of the room, they are more of a complementary accessory. They make other items and features shine more. This is why the tiles will amplify the tone you want to set when implemented correctly, so go for colors that complement the tone of the room. Brighter ceramics make the room feel larger and more expensive. Darker ceramic tiles give off an industrial or professional feel. They are best suited in a well-lit room.

  1. Grout

Grout is paste used for filling the gaps between floor tiles. It can also make the tiles themselves look more aesthetically pleasing. Go for grout colors that compliment the color of the floor tiles. Matching grout color can give off a cozy atmosphere when entering the room.

  1. Think About the Natural Lighting

Depending on how well lit the room is, you should try to work around the color pattern with the lighting. For example, gloss tiles work better in less lit rooms, as it reflects more light.

  1. Budgeting

An obvious thing you need to consider is what can you realistically afford? Like most household items, tiles can have a wide price range, from cheap subway tiles to expensive mosaic tiles. The advantage to getting more expensive tiles is that they are of higher quality materials, and have an incredible aesthetic appeal. For example, you can get stunning Scuro Deep Italian Terrazzo Porcelain from Stone & Tile Projects. However, this does not mean that cheap tiles can not look magnificent as well, it’s all about how well do the tiles play into the overall aesthetic of the property.

  1. Safety

Another aspect of deciding the tiles would be slip resistance. As the name implies, it determines how easy it is to slip over it. This is a vital aspect when choosing tiles for rooms where there will be water on the ground from time to time. It’s good safety insurance if you are prone to slipping on wet floors, or have elderly people or children in the house. Some tiles that are known for being more slip-resistant are ceramic, slate, pebblestone, and porcelain.

  1. Keep up With the Current Trends

By keeping up with the current trends you can ensure that your property has a better appeal and more importantly raise the value of the property. So if you are planning on selling your property in the next 5 – 10 years, it would be recommendable to go with a modern tile layout to raise the value of the property. Some universal colors that remain are black-and-white tiles. They work especially well if you have an old and traditional house.