Is Detox Good For Weight Loss Or Is It Just A Hype?

Detox therapies and diets have long been in the fitness scene. Most people carry detox diets with them everywhere they go others like to show it and recommend it to others as well. On social media, you might have seen people flaunting their glass water bottles filled with fruits chunks and water. Other times various detox powders are sold that can help you to flush out the toxins from your body. With so much hype of detox diet and detox powders, it gets really difficult to understand if it’s really helpful. So far, food and nutrition-based doctors and general physicians never recommend a detox diet. On the contrary, fitness trainers and gym instructors start with a simple detox diet. This raises questions about the importance of a detox diet in fitness work. Most people even think that detox is just a scam and it doesn’t work. However, to understand what exactly is detox and if it is really helpful, it is very important to know what exactly qualifies as detox. You also need to know about the ways detox has helped people around you or if the person sharing the testimonial is worth trusting.

Eating right to lose weight is the only way you can hope to lose fat. Exercising doesn’t help you burn more calories, it helps to keep you strong and physically active.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about various types of detox diets. You will also be able to know why people like detox diets and apart from this, we will address one of the most asked questions about detox diets, if it is worth trying. These questions will help a beginner to know if a detox diet is worth trying or not.

What Is Detox?

There are so many different kinds of detox diets that you can use. The basic idea of a detox diet is anything that can help you flush out the toxins that are built in the blood and they are causing bloating or any other kind of digestive issue. Most of the detox diets are either infused water, liquid diets, juices mainly based on fruits and vegetables. In some detox diets, powdered diuretics and laxatives are also included so that all the toxins can be flushed out. These detoxes cause diarrhea which can be either occasional or can result in severe effects. Overall, this only helps you get rid of everything that you have consumed but has no long-term effect. So far the best and most effective kind of detox is the fresh juice detox where you have to take different kinds of juices for at least seven days straight. You cannot consume any solid diet during this time and by the end of this diet, you will start to see the effect on your body. One of the main issues with this diet is that it is pretty low calorie so aging effects get severe. However, your skin becomes more hydrated if you select the right balance of fruits and vegetables for the juice.

Is It Recommended By The Doctors?

You might have noticed that doctors do not recommend detox. If you ask some doctor about the detox, they will straight away refuse to comment. The main issue is that there are so many different kinds of detox. If you are choosing the natural detox, this will help you. However, if you are choosing something synthetic just because some influencer is recommending you, then you might need to avoid it. Another very important thing is that you need to know what qualifies as the detox. Protein shakes, metabolism boosters, and appetite suppressors are not detox. They are designed for a completely different reason. Protein shakes help in gaining muscles whereas metabolism boosters help with better digestion and weight loss. However, appetite suppressants and usually laxatives will simply open up your stomach and you will end up getting diarrhea. In case you are looking for natural detox like infused water, it is a good idea. With infused water, you are just trying to add smell and taste to your water so that you can trick your body into drinking more water. This will keep your skin healthy and it will also help you with digestion and getting rid of toxins.

Who Can Try A Detox?

Although, detox diets are not recommended unless they are natural, if you want to try detox you must start with some basic research. Your age, gender, and medical conditions are also very important. If you have some nutrition-related deficiency, you must also keep that in mind. Apart from this, people who are growing or old age must also not try a detox. Pregnant women, people who are diabetic or have a heart condition should avoid detox. So far detox is most recommended for people who are into substance abuse because they need to flush out everything from their system before they can start their therapy. Another very important thing is that if you have an eating disorder or you have some eating-related phobia, detox can trigger that as well so try avoiding detox and liquid diets. Detox is also not recommended for people who have high physical exertion. Athletes, martial artists, laborers, etc. are also recommended to stay away from it because it can cause hindrance in digestion, and in some cases, it can lead to serious malnourishment as well. In case you want to start the detox, you need to be healthy and you also need to set an aim first. The best idea is to look for professional help so that you can avoid any serious impact on health later. If you are seeking advice from a medical health professional, you will eventually be able to know what kind of detox you need. If the detox treatment you need is natural or not? You can also set a time limit of seven days for the detox and keep monitoring your weight to avoid any serious issues later.

Overall, the human body is capable enough to flush out the toxins on its own without any help from other sources. However, with a good amount of water, natural food items, and well-balanced diets, you can have a detox diet. So far the best detox diet is a liquid fresh juice diet that will help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the human body is capable enough to flush out all the toxins from the body without any assistance. Our body contains the liver, kidneys and even skin is also helpful in kicking out all the toxins from the body. If you aim to cleanse the blood through a detox diet, this might not be possible. However, if you just want to boost the detox system, a detox diet can be helpful. People who have renal failure or liver failure cannot use a detox diet as a substitute to ramp up the work of all organs. As far as the idea of the hype is concerned, detox powder and other supplements available on market are not very useful. For boosting the purification of blood, you need to rely on natural ingredients. Just a good amount of water along with some natural supplements is enough. The focus needs to be on helping the organs and the body to do their work and not on using synthetic products that need a detox.

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