The Sunday Scaries: Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety for a Happier Week Ahead

Sunday Scaries

If by Sunday afternoon you’re feeling nervous and anxious about the work week ahead, you might already be familiar with the term, “Sunday Scaries.” This feeling of dread typically occurs toward the end of the weekend, causing symptoms such as restlessness, irritability, general unease, and even stomach upset. And while these feelings are uncomfortable, they’re perfectly normal. According to one study, about 80 percent of Americans experience the Sunday Scaries, especially millennials and Gen Zers.

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Care for Your Mind and Body All Weekend Long

These resources will help to prep your mind and body for the week ahead while reducing feelings of stress and anxiety once Sunday afternoon rolls around.

  • Get plenty of sleep on Sunday night. If you’re regularly experiencing insomnia on Sundays, you may need to tweak your weekend sleep-wake cycle.
  • Exercise over the weekend to boost your energy levels, improve the health of your brain, and ease feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. A fitness tracking device or smartwatch can help to support your workout goals all week long. Customize it with straps, bumpers, etc. for extra motivation.
  • Try a guided meditation to alleviate stress and anxiety on Sunday night. InsightTimer offers thousands of free meditations for sleep, anxiety, stress, concentration, and self-compassion.

Prepare for the Week Ahead

Weekends are meant to be enjoyed, but you’ll set yourself up for less stress in the week ahead if you do some planning and preparations on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Tackle household chores on Saturday mornings rather than putting everything off until Sunday. That way, Sundays can be reserved for the activities you enjoy most.
  • Get ready for the week ahead by organizing your to-do list; cleaning out your bags, purses, or lunch boxes; and planning your outfits.
  • Prep your meals in advance to reduce cooking times during the week.
  • If you have kids at home, there are some additional steps you can take to simplify the week ahead.

Wind Down on Sunday Evenings

These ideas will help you to beat the Sunday blues and relax after a busy weekend.

  • Create healthy Sunday habits such as journaling, soaking in a hot bath, reading a good book, and stepping outdoors for some fresh air.
  • Try a few mood-boosting yoga poses like cat/cow, cobra, and standing forward fold.
  • Unwind with an episode of a feel-good television show. Pro tip: You can broaden your streaming options when you use a VPN.

While the Sunday Scaries are normal, these tips can help you to deal with unpleasant feelings of anxiety and nervousness as the weekend comes to a close. By making your Sundays as enjoyable as possible — and using your weekends to prepare for the week ahead — the transition from Sunday to Monday may not seem so bad after all.