The Advantages Of Installing Ducted Air Conditioning In Your Home

Air Conditioning

It’s hot out and it’s not cooling off any time soon, global temperatures are expected to rise and then rise some more. Are you suffering in the misery of a hothouse that could make a rare tropical orchid bloom nonstop? Can you fry an egg on your countertop? If so you need to seriously consider installing some air conditioning before things start melting.

There is a bewildering variety of options to choose from, and today we will focus on one that we think is an outstanding choice, ducted air conditioning. These cooling systems distribute soothing, cooled air, or heated air when the season requires it, throughout your home via a series of vents and ducts branching out from a central unit, giving you temperature control in every room connected.

Here are some of the benefits of ducted air conditioning that set it apart from the other choices:

Convenience and Comfort – Ducted air conditioning takes up very little indoor space, and it circulates air throughout the house with hardly any noise. The conditioned air is pumped through every duct and vent installed in your home, making sure every room has plenty of cool air, at whatever temperature is desired at the time. The central unit is placed somewhere out of sight, so you won’t even notice it’s there whilst you enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

Control – The simple touch of a button allows you to cool your entire home, and you can set the temperature in every room to whatever temperature you like- you have complete control! You can use the convenient remote, or even your smartphone to get things just right in any room you wish.

Power and Scheduling – When compared to other types of air conditioning systems, the ducted option is considerably stronger in regards to power and efficiency. The central compressor can provide cool or warm air to the entire home or just to a single room. You can set the timer to have any room just how you want it when you want it! Just remember to have regular maintenance scheduled so your system runs smoothly all year long!

Energy Efficiency – Although a ducted system is relatively large, it is centralised, a big advantage over maintaining a different unit in every room. It’s easy to lower the temperature in one room while maintaining a higher temperature in another, which means you will be saving a significant amount of money on electricity as there won’t be any going to waste. The ducted air conditioning system also has a sensitive temperature gauge that automatically adjusts the ambient to changing temperatures throughout the day. You can even turn it completely off in rooms that aren’t currently in use, and keep it on where you are, consuming far less energy!

The New Zealand government offers further information on air conditioning. A ducted air conditioning system is a great choice for your home, but you will have to fry your eggs on the stove from now on!