Tech Tools to Assist Teachers in Online Learning

Due to the recent unrest in the schooling system around the globe, many have opted to turn to technology. Virtual learning tools have created an environment where students and teachers can meet and interact. As schools start adapting to virtual classes, the need for typical chalkboards is ending. Many online learning platforms have risen to enable this change. Is this transition enhancing learning as it promises?

Benefits Tech Tools Carry into The Classroom

Teaching is a demanding job that requires your presence at all times. While the physical interaction with students helps you connect more, virtual learning can get more fun, especially in a time like this, when the schooling system is experiencing disruptions due to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some of the benefits of using tech tools in learning:

• Helps Enhance Engagement

While using technological devices will seem like a distraction to your students. Having a more hands-on-like learning experience will help engage your students more. This phenomenon occurs because the internet is rich in resources, and it will be easier to access them.

Even if the subject in progress is dull, students will feel more engaged and active. Moreover, you can let the students work in pairs on assignments to encourage interaction. This way, they will always be looking forward to the classes and enjoy learning.

• Accommodates All Students

In your classroom, students differ in their understanding levels. In a traditional classroom, you always hurry to finish the syllabus and believe each student grasps what you share. But this may not be the case since a student may fail to process the information quickly and remain quiet to avoid intimidation.

The use of tech tools aiding learning can help your students raise concerns. You can then get to help them privately understand the concept. In this way, you will have access to all your students and ensure they have understood your lessons.

•  Equip Them with Future Competent Skills

Through learning technology, you will be using modern tools that are helpful in the real world. As you let your students continuously interact with such devices, you will be handing them essential skills. Thus, after school, they will have an easy time adapting to their respective assigned responsibilities.

With the ability to reach out to each student individually, you will ensure all your students get skilled. In a CompTIA study, 90% of students preferred technology compared to traditional learning methods. This is because what’s learned in the classroom later turns helpful.

How to Integrate Tech Tools?

While tech tools will help you map out your online school agenda easily, proper integration is crucial. Many may think using technology in the classroom will break the bank, but that’s not usually the case. In the long run, there is much more benefit than liability to account for.

Here are some practical ways to integrate tech tools in learning;

• Internet-Based Homework Planner

With the possibility of misplacing books and assignments, having a cloud-based platform is crucial. There will be no more missing assignments since your students can access them from anywhere they are. Besides, the submission also gets managed online, thus an easy follow-up time for you.

Parents can access the platforms to see how their children are doing in their academics. And since everything is online, they can also get to know about any upcoming event and plan accordingly. This aspect will help create a more organized way of handling school-related work.

• Online Grading

In a schooling system, grading students and analyzing their performance is mandatory. In a manual grading system, you may face the challenge of exploring how your students perform and their attendance. However, sound tech tools allow you to do this effectively.

When you post grades here, students can access them remotely and see their performance patterns. If a student needs attention, you can easily access them and offer them the help they need.


Manual teaching is an effective way of interacting with your students. However, you can enhance their learning experience by using online tech tools. These tools allow for more classroom engagement, easy access to students, and equip them with modern skills. With their easy customizable interface, tech tools guarantee sustainable learning for all.