Skin Care Products to De-Stress With After Work

to De-Stress With After Work

Work-related stress. It’s probably one of the main reasons for not having an enjoyable weekend… and clear skin. The link between stress and skin has been well-established by various studies, but a lot of us still don’t know what to do about it. Countless beauty tips are becoming more popular, but we only need a few reliable ones after a long, tiring day at work.

A lot of people like to pinpoint at random things that cause their skin problems – makeup, food, sleeping habits, and even bed linens. A lot of times, however, stress is the culprit.

A 2001 study says that when the brain experiences exhaustion and stress, skin issues like rash, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, wrinkles, alopecia, eye bags, and acne can trigger. The body has a way of communicating to us when something is wrong internally and it mostly manifests on your skin.

On top of this, stress can also affect your confidence, satisfaction, and quality of work.

Deloitte’s recent survey participated by 1,000 professionals showed that a staggering 91% are experiencing unmanageable stress at work. This often leads to burnout and declining performance no matter how passionate we are at work. That’s alarming!

This is a wake-up call for us to start addressing these issues and find the balance between work and relaxation. After all, it’s also good to reward yourself for the daily grind from time to time. Consider it a pat on the back!

How Do You Start? (The Skin De-Stressing Hack)

Thousands of skincare products that can help soothe your skin are widely accessible online and we can pretty much get our hands on most of them. The products we use obviously matter, but the price tag is definitely what seals the deal.

And so, finding the right treats for our skin at an ideal price point is the dream! You don’t want more stress coming in once the bills start piling, do you?

Here are some of the go-to beauty tips and deals you should get to relax:

A pampering scrub from Posh Nails

Feet and hand scrubs are slowly getting the recognition they deserve in the skincare arena. Not only do they give us the most relaxing experience, but they are also a good way to exfoliate.

New skin cells generate for about 30 days and exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin cells. This results in faster cell renewal. It also helps prevent thick and stubborn calluses and clogged pores.

The massaging properties of scrubbing also help boost blood circulation with amazing results. A healthy blood flow promotes good oxygen levels and softer skin.

On top of it, it soothes aches in different parts of your body.

Now, that’s what I call a win-win.

 A healthy hair treatment at David’s Salon

Hair loss is one of the most common manifestations when stress levels are high. Scientific researchers established that extreme stress can lead to abnormal hair follicle cycles which put them into an indefinite “resting” period.

It causes our hair to fall out just by the simple acts of combing and washing. This condition is called telogen effluvium.

As much as it’s temporary, telogen effluvium has no proven cure nor treatment. So, it’s in your hands to address (or prevent) it. Why not start with what causes it?

One of the ways to protect your hair from falling out is by giving it the nutrients it needs to withstand disruptions. Weaker hair conditions are more susceptible to breakage, damage, and hair loss.

Getting regular hair treatments strengthens and packs your hair with nourishment as we face inevitable stressors at work.

Dropping by to relax at the salon after work or on a weekend is just like signing up for a treat.

Let’s not even start with the glorious feeling of someone touching hair. Fun fact: it’s scientifically proven to be a stress-reducer too!

 A revitalizing Rejuvelite Facial at Flawless

It has been mentioned that chronic stress has various not-so-wonderful impacts on your skin. But what exactly happens beneath your skin?

When you feel stressed, your body releases hormones that stimulate the overproduction of oil around hair follicles from sebaceous glands. Excessive oil production leads to clogged pores and clogged pores are… well, the gateway for acne.

Emotional and physical distress also leads to facial tension as your brain sends signals to your nervous system, causing muscles to contract.

Good thing for a facial – it targets both.

A good and regular facial does not only relax your mind and relieve your stress. It also calms the skin, boosts hydration and healthy blood circulation, unclogs pores, and gives exfoliation.

The Rejuvelite Facial uses LED technology and infrared light to penetrate deeper layers of the skin. It targets skin issues that you want to specifically address – acne, inflammation, irritation, wrinkles, and many more.

With all these goodies, it’s like taking your skin to Candyland!

A relaxing air purifier from TruSens

Air purifiers are mainly purchased for promoting clean airflow and getting rid of toxins and irritants in a space. It also fights dirt brought by pollution and airborne bacteria.

Although it seems like more of a home care product, the things an air purifier is protecting your home from are the same things that trigger stubborn skin issues. With an air purifier, you can bid acne, dryness, rashes, and skin aging goodbye.

Having a clean and irritant-free airflow at home works wonders for your body inside-out. And the best part is you can treat your skin in the comfort of your home any and every hour of the day.

Your hard work will pay off (Key Takeaway)

Hard work pays off”.  It’s been one of the most used lines among go-getters for a long time. It might be true that we reap benefits from working, be it in learning, self-improvement, or financial growth, but the catch is that benefits are not the only things we reap.

With hard work comes extreme stress that adversely affects not only our psychological well-being but our physical appearance as well. And we know how this affects our confidence and work performance which no one really wants.

Don’t beat yourself up too hard when things get overwhelming. It’s important to note that taking the time to care for yourself helps you face another day’s work in a good mood and great confidence.

Think of it as another perspective of saying “hard work pays off”. Take extra efforts to squeeze in these beauty tips to relax and de-stress after a long day or a busy week. You’ll be rewarded with healthy skin and a sound mind in no time.

At the end of the day, self-care is a tried and tested path towards happiness, isn’t it?