The 5 Best Tools for Dealing with Anxiety in the IB

Anxiety in the IB

1-Get Sufficient Hours of Sleep

It is essential to get enough hours of rest to cope with anxiety. A lot of times, IB alumni say things like “good luck with your time in the IB” as well. Many memes show how it’s impossible to achieve high grades, an active social schedule, as well as sufficient hours of sleep while studying for the IB. It is true that the DP is challenging, however, it is important to be wary of taking the information from different sources and also what you read in the forums of IB Reddit, for instance as factual information.

Students can be overwhelmed by the amount of information that is being said regarding the IB and begin to believe that information that is not true, particularly when they’re not familiar with or have never been exposed to the DP. If, for instance, you begin telling yourself that you can’t get high grades or enough time to sleep, it can turn into a self-fulfilling dictum.

So, one of these two could suffer, while it’s possible to manage both with good time management. So, stay clear of dichotomous thinking and employ tools to aid you to prioritize

your time, planning, and reach your goals. I won’t go into the importance and advantages of getting enough sleep, as I am certain that most of you are aware of these benefits.

In the end, you should be aware of negative reviews about the IB and ensure you are getting enough rest to ensure that you are focused and productive, allowing you to manage anxiety better.


It is essential for you to exercise to ease IB stress. Exercise can also help you find ways to help with the CAS. I suggest working out each day. You can visit the gym, play an activity, take a walk, or jog, the possibilities are limitless! It is also possible to try biking or walking toward school if it’s close to you. I am not a fan of exercising all that much, but I understand that it’s important and hence cycling to university is a good option. You can also connect with the Ib tutors online to reduce exam stress.

I love doing this since I don’t have to find extra effort to exercise. It happens as I arrive at my destination. Exercise can boost your endorphins (the good-for-you chemicals that are found in your brain) It’s like an exercise in motion (after exercise, you could frequently find yourself having forgotten about the troubles of the day and absorbed in the movements of your body) and boosts confidence in yourself and mood. So, you should exercise to improve your physical and mental health and have CAS as a side!


Not just for tackling anxiety during the IB but breathing all over, can help to relax. Deep breathing improves the flow of oxygen to the brain and also stimulates your nervous system, which can lead to a peace that would otherwise be in the “fight or flight” mode. If you find yourself slipping into negative thoughts Instead of trying to reason with yourself take some deep breaths they can aid in overcoming it. Also, it is more difficult to concentrate your energy on the things you control.

You cannot, for instance, determine whether you’ll be able to pass or fail an exam, but you can control the way and time it takes to study for the test. Consider the things you can control and make a decision based on them instead of worrying about the future. This is a lesson we have all learned particularly through the coronavirus outbreak. IB alumni affected (myself included) as well as current IB pupils (e.g. you) can’t determine what the government thinks is the best method to combat the epidemic, when schools are closed, and whether or not the IB exams will be held in the country you attend IB school or not.

I think that the whole pandemic has taught us to live in the moment to make the best of the opportunities we have today. For instance, do the best you can with your IA when you are able to spend time with loved ones. So, if you’re having thoughts that make you anxious Take your breath, and then reflect afterward on the lesson.

 4-Some Tools and Techniques

I’d like to present some techniques and tools that have helped me manage my anxiety. I hope that they can be helpful to you just as they were to me.


1- Breathe through your nostrils (try to start by filling your abdomen and then work your way up to your chest.).

  1. Hold your breath for a few seconds.
  2. Breathe slowly and gently through your pursed lips.

 5-Seek Psychological Help

Adolescence is a time of transition as well as the DP stress on academics can be stressful. However, whenever you find yourself being depleted or anxious, sad, or dealing with or experiencing any other negative feelings look for the issue that’s causing it and address it in the right way. Try to implement general strategies such as regular exercise and breathing deep as suggested in this article. If you feel that the issue has become out of control Do not hesitate to seek assistance.

The main difference between the two is that psychologists deal with milder conditions (learning problems, anxiety, and minor cases of depression) While psychiatrists are able to treat more complicated mental health conditions. Therefore, typically psychologists deal with conditions that do not require medication. Talking to your school psychologist can be beneficial because they are able to recommend you to a different psychologist should they feel that you require additional assistance before it’s too late.

If you don’t have an in-school psychologist, I would suggest speaking with your doctor, and they will probably be able to suggest someone. There are negative stigmas associated with mental health issues in a variety of locations, so it might be difficult to admit and speak about the issue. However, you should accept this challenge and be responsible and accountable in relation to your mental health concern and it could greatly negatively impact other areas of your life if steps are not taken to tackle it. Ib also provides the Ib ee tutor in UAE or in many different countries.