10 Sentimental Gift Ideas Perfect for Grandma

Most people love their grandmothers. A grandmother holds a very special place in the hearts of their grandchildren. Whether your grandma is young, young at heart or getting to be elderly they are often very hard to buy a gift for. Most grandmothers have everything they want or need. Still you want to get a gift for them for a number of important occasions. Many grandparents appreciate gifts that have a special meaning. It could have been made by a special family member, maybe even you. She will cherish whatever you get her but spending a few moments seeking out the best one for your grandmother is well worth the time.

Unique and Special Ideas

You hopefully know what makes your own grandmother special. Your best gift will be the one that capitalizes on some of the things that she loves and cherishes the most. Buying a special gift for a special occasion will require some thought on your part. So sit down and make a list of the things your grandmother collects, enjoys or something that will help make her day memorable. There are more gifts available to you these days. A special Etsy gift made personalized is a great idea. Here are some more ideas where you can start your search for the perfect gift that is sure to please.


An all new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader will provide grandma with hours of enjoyment. This version is the lightest and thinnest yet and will be easy on her eyes and even easier to carry.

Tea Gift Set

If your grandmother is a tea drinker there are many options from which to choose that will delight her. Most tea companies have gift sets available. One unique version is different because it does not use tea bags for its product. It uses tea drops that are compacted tea leaves. When put in boiling water they dissolve for a lovely cup of tea.

Blank Cookbook

Is your grandmother known for one particularly spectacular recipe? Maybe her meatballs and sauce is a family favorite or is it an amazing cookie recipe that everyone loves? A fabulous idea is a personalized blank cookbook where she can write all of her recipes down to be handed down to generations to come. This one of a kind idea is sure to thrill your special relative.

Flowers or Plants

What grandma doesn’t love getting flowers? They brighten up the home and she will get a warm feeling every time she looks at them. There are many ways to give flowers. Your grandmother might be thrilled to receive a special delivery of lovely blooms. Perhaps the easiest way is to just call a florist or go online and order what you want to send. If your grandmother lives in a different town you can call a local florist in her area and have them deliver. If she loves gardening, consider gifting her a new plant with a cute gardening hat and tools.

Ornaments or Personalized Home Decor Pieces

You could gift your grandma a personalized home decor item. Consider something decorative that includes something dear to her like grandkids handprints, names, or even photographs. You can consider buying personalized holiday decor as well. The holidays are right around the corner so now would be a good time for adding to your grandma’s collection of tree toppers or ornaments.

Lounge Wear

If your grandmother enjoys lounging in her pajamas there is a service that will deliver a special pair to her. They will even be delivered in a unique hatbox wrapper. This service is available only online.


There are many resources available today to help you in your quest to find just the right one that will suit your grandmother. By searching on the internet a plethora of amazing ideas will appear before you and you can have your pick of some very special gifts that will please your grandmother.