Plan a Sleepover with your BFF: Here’s what you need!

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Who among us doesn’t love a good sleepover? Sometimes a night out with your dear friends is just what the doctor ordered to get rid of all the stress we face in our daily routines. There is no age limit for a sleepover as it can be enjoyed both by teenagers and adults. The older you get, the more you are on the lookout for any excuse to organize sleepovers.

A girl’s night out is always exciting and there are many fun things you can do while planning for a sleepover either at your place or at a friend’s. So if you are on the lookout for fun ideas to enjoy a sleepover date with your friends, then you are at the right place. Scroll down to know more about some exciting ideas for memorable sleepovers:

  • Plan a pajama party: No sleepover is complete without a pajama party. Round up all your friends, get everyone matching pajamas, order in some snacks and you are all set to rock the crazy night.
  • Set up a movie marathon: A sleepover with friends is the best time to have an endless movie marathon. You can line up all the movies you and your friends had been planning to watch for a long and enjoy a movie marathon the whole night. The movies can be of any genre like romcoms, fantasy, or comedy. So what are you waiting for? Stock up the popcorn and drinks and settle down to enjoy a super movie marathon with your friends.
  • Cook up a storm: As sleepovers are times when friends spend quality time with each other, wouldn’t it be nice to impress everyone with your culinary skills? Instead of ordering food, all friends can come together to plan a menu and then whip up a storm. Sure, you will be tired after the lavish meal is prepared, but the joy of eating in the company of your dear friends will melt away all the fatigue.
  • Get crafty: It would be a great idea to do some kind of crafts when all the friends have got together for the night. If you are hosting the sleepover, then set up some crafts, which can be done by everyone during the night. These can include painting, DIY kits, jewelry making, or even stitching or knitting activities. Art and craft are always considered to be therapeutic.
  • Pampering ourselves: The main aim of the sleepover is to relax and enjoy the company of close friends. Now that all the friends have gathered together, why don’t you treat them to some special pampering? Stock up on some lovely spa products, which will add to the glow of your friends as they leave home after the night is over. The spa products could be anything like face masks, scrubs, essential oils, etc., which will make them feel special and pampered.
  • Play some games: What is a sleepover party without some games? So once you are done with the food, spread some blankets onto the floor, get the snacks and let the games begin. You can play any cards or any type of Board Game and not only enjoy the company of friends but relive your childhood memories.

You can also try your hand at some online games, which can be played on the big screen for a better experience.  As you play these online and offline games, not only are you transported back to your childhood, you are creating new moments for the future as well.

  • Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast: The best way to end any sleepover is to have a tasty breakfast, the morning after. Treat your friends to a lavish breakfast, comprising all their favorite treats so that they end the sleepover, with both their hearts and tummies full.

While these are some of the ways of enjoying a sleepover with your friends, you can draw inspiration from these or create your sleepover itinerary. The methods are not important, what is key is that all the special friends come together to relive golden memories and have a jolly good time.

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