How to Pick a Honeymoon Destination in Australia

Honeymoon Destination in Australia

Romantic Private Island Getaways

Ah…the honeymoon. The holiday of a lifetime. There’s not much better in life than marrying the love of your life and then getting away from everything as a married couple. All the stress and pressure of the world is a million miles away as you sip on your favourite drink with your partner by your side. This is perhaps the only time where even bosses feel obliged to leave you alone.

But how do you pick a honeymoon destination?

One of the most popular options for newlyweds over the years has been to get Luxury Honeymoon Lodges in Australia. Imagine sitting on a private island with your spouse as the water gently laps the shore, a gentle breeze caressing your face. The moment of ecstasy you probably felt while reading this explains why this is a popular option in Australia.

These days, you’ll find lots of reliable lodges and other accommodation options that you can rent for a week, two weeks, or perhaps even longer. While some people choose accommodation and then visit a private island nearby, others stay on the private island itself. Either way, this is the best way for some to escape the norm and enjoy married life in peace.

What Sort of Experience Are You Looking For?

Having just planned a wedding, you know that everyone has an opinion. While the honeymoon in the section above will get some people excited, it won’t appeal to others. Don’t worry, the beauty of humanity is that every single person on the planet is unique. If you want to enjoy a romantic private island getaway, you have options in Australia. However, this isn’t your only option.

Regardless of the honeymoon you choose, some people will love your plans and others will hate them. With this in mind, the most important question to ask regards the sort of experience you’re looking for. Do you want a week of lying on a beach with a cocktail and a book? Do you want to do fun activities like sailing, rock climbing, and snorkelling? Do you want to climb a mountain? Do you want a city break and explore a location that you don’t normally get the time to enjoy?

Since this is your honeymoon, you shouldn’t feel afraid to do exactly what you and your partner want. Don’t give in to peer pressure and book a honeymoon that other people want when it won’t make you happy.

Tips for Booking a Honeymoon

If you plan to book the trip of a lifetime, follow the tips below for some help!

  • Get in early – the last thing you need is to decide on your dream and then find that you can’t go when you originally planned. To prevent disappointment, book the trip as early as possible.
  • Plan together – since you plan to spend your life together, there’s no better time to start this journey than by planning the honeymoon with your soon-to-be spouse. It’s easy to think of your own dreams, but what does your partner want?
  • Surprise your partner – another way to add some excitement to the trip (not that you need it) is to surprise your partner in some way. While some pack a gift for their partner, others book an activity for the honeymoon.
  • Remember to relax – just because this is the first trip of your married life, you don’t need to book an itinerary that fills every single moment. Unless this is your dream trip, remember to set aside some time to relax.