What Is Network Chiropractic & How Does It Work?

Network Chiropractic

Network Chiropractic: Definition, Levels, & Benefits

The network chiropractic method (also known as Network Spinal Analysis or NSA) is a holistic approach involving chiropractic, bodywork, and energy work. By using a “whole” person approach, this method will help you feel better in your body and have a more fulfilled life.

There are many chiropractic techniques, but network spinal is one of the most gentle, organized, and effective. Network chiropractic focuses on using light touches to the spine instead of manual adjustments, involving “cracking” and “popping.”

The technique is mainly used in the neck and lumbar regions. These light touches are known as contact, and they help release tension and trauma stored in the spine and nervous system.

Let’s collect more information about network chiropractic or NSA.

What Is Network Chiropractic?

Chiropractic care using Network Spinal Techniques (which evolved from Network Spinal Analysis and Network Chiropractic before that) is a chiropractic technique practiced by chiropractors around the globe.

Unlike other treatments, network chiropractic care does not put the patient under sudden pressure or use drop tables, tools, devices, or machinery. Unlike invasive treatments, NSA focuses on guiding the body’s innate healing and recovery abilities.

Chiropractors use their hands to evaluate and monitor the condition of your spine. Stimulating the body’s natural rhythms and focusing precise contacts promote greater coherence in the nervous system.

This healing process involves the patient becoming more aware of their body and, therefore, through focus breathing, motion, and natural rhythms.

Network chiropractic care has been developed from research and consistently delivers clinically proven results to individual patients, even if their experiences are unique.

How Does Network Chiropractic Work?

The purpose of this method is to enhance your body’s awareness and sense of connectivity between its systems. Healing waves develop along the spine, relieving painful tension and improving integration between the spinal cord, nervous system, and brain.

Through a series of levels, the body becomes more capable of exploring new levels of interconnectedness.


A gentle touch on the spine helps relieve tension at the first level. When you breathe, your brain begins to focus on these soft touches in ways that cause your brain to change and your body to follow a pattern of healing.

You will become more aware of your spine and body as you experience the healing wave, which improves your posture and flexibility, both of which contribute to pain relief.

The goal of level 1 visits is to increase your awareness of the waves within your body and schedule them two to three times per week.


On the second level, your body has adjusted to the changes in its networks and feels secure enough to continue moving forward. Here, we implement longer touches to help the body-mind relationship grow deeper.

In addition to becoming more self-aware, your posture dramatically changes. As a result, you will also be able to more easily identify and control the tensions in your body, particularly your spine.

This stage will see the emergence of a second powerful wave, bringing it a deeper understanding of network connectivity. You’ll be able to coordinate your physical feelings and emotions better, and you’ll be able to handle stress in a more balanced way.

Developing a sense of freedom and cohesion will improve your quality of life. In the second level, it is recommended that you visit every two weeks and then once per week as you progress.

Lifelong Improvement

In-Network Chiropractic, your mind, and body, receive training that will last throughout your life. Still, research has shown that the longer you participate, the more cohesive and connected your body will become, resulting in a greater sense of well-being.

By continuing your network chiropractor visits, you will strengthen your network connections, improve your body’s coping strategies, and improve your overall life experience.

Benefits of Network Chiropractic

Despite its relative newness, Network Spinal Analysis has supported significant healing in some patients. Due to its effects on some of the most vital systems of the body.

Therefore, NSA is a good option if you struggle with a range of chronic and multifaceted health problems. Let’s find out the advantages of Network Spinal Analysis:


The spinal network analysis can also help correct structural misalignment in the spine, as can any chiropractic treatment.

Misalignment or subluxation can cause back pain, neck pain, difficulty in moving, and other disorders associated with the musculoskeletal system. NSA may be able to reduce or eliminate some of these symptoms.

Network chiropractic can also help support chronic health conditions brought on or partially caused by stress. Anxiety and chronic stress can lead to various health problems, ranging from digestive issues to headaches.

An NSA treatment can reduce stress and calm the nervous system like other chiropractic treatments. Both symptoms and overall wellness may benefit from such treatment.


The emotional health of their patients is often more critical to NSA chiropractors than to traditional chiropractors. NSA can be a way of releasing and connecting with deep emotional pain.

Case studies show the dramatic healing of emotions during network chiropractic sessions. This may be because emotions strongly connect the spine and the central nervous system.


Due to the NSA’s ability to improve the functioning of the central nervous system, the brain, and the spine, its practice can have benefits on mental health, like thinking clearly.

Many researchers have found that network chiropractic can help with conditions like depression. The cause of depression is frequently a combination of factors, such as stress and physical pain, which you can treat directly with Network Spinal Analysis.

Is Network Chiropractic legitimate?

Donal Episten founded the Network Chiropractic method in 1987. A chiropractic technique based on research makes it one of the most researched approaches to wellness. A number of studies have been conducted at the University of California Irvine.

Wind Up

In the network chiropractic method, light touches are used on delicate areas of the body, which allows the brain to connect with the site. Within a short period, the brain becomes connected to peaceful regions, overcoming the tension.

When the body or the brain is under stress, this becomes an automatic response. For this new way of dealing with stress, patients must regularly see their NSA providers, but over time the quality of life for the patient should improve significantly.