5 Signs Your Cat Might Need a Bigger Litter Box

Sometimes, it can be challenging to know the size of the litter box for your cat. Your cat’s litter box should be adequate for their personal needs and size. If you don’t provide them with the right box size, the cat may prefer using any other place apart from the litter box. That can cause health issues for your cat, family, and you. Most cats fail to use their litter box because it is small. Hence, it would be best to provide your kitty with a big litter box. If you are wondering if your cat needs a bigger litter box, here’s how to know:

1. If the Cat is Large

While some cats are naturally big, others have a large size due to being overweight. Bigger cats require bigger litter boxes and vice versa. Providing the large-sized cats with the right litter boxes will help them feel comfortable using them. If you give them a litter box too small for their size, the cat will feel uncomfortable and restricted. That will make them avoid using the litter box and prefer open spaces.

If your cat weighs more than 12 pounds, consider providing an extra large litter box to have enough space for their comfort. Maybe removing the lid from an enclosed litter box will help the cat feel better about the available space.

2. If You Notice Your Cat Feeling Vulnerable

Cats don’t like feeling vulnerable. A small litter box will make your cat feel trapped and cause them not to use it appropriately. If you notice signs of vulnerability in your cat, replacing their small litter box with a bigger one would be best. A small litter box will make them dread using or going near it because it makes them feel cramped while using it.

If you notice your cat running after defecting, it could be because of feeling like they are running away from predators. If the cat feels they don’t have enough space to run away, they might avoid using the litter box. You can solve the issue by providing them with a larger litter box.

3. If Your Cat Has Some Health Problems

Your cat may be having health issues that you may not understand. The problems may cause them to avoid the litter box because it makes them feel worse. If you notice your cat behaving differently, it would be great to take them to the vet for a check-up.

The veterinarian could advise you on the special litter brands that detect cat health issues through the color of their urine. If you notice a change in their urine color, you may need to take the cat to the vet because it indicates a health problem. When your cat is going through a health issue, it would be best to provide them with a big litter box that will be easy for them to use comfortably.

4. If You Notice Your Cat Opting to Defecate Outdoors

Sometimes, you may notice that your cat prefers defecating outside instead of using the litter box. In such a case, the furry friend may avoid the litter box because they experience discomfort while using it. The best thing would be to provide the kitty with a bigger litter box and see if they will change their behavior. Place the box in a clean and quiet environment for the cat to feel comfortable while using it.

5. The Cat May Prefer Using Other Places Other than the Litter Box

If your cat chooses to use other places instead of the litter box, it may be because they need more room to turn around, prefer using more clean areas, or want to keep solids separate from liquids. In such a case, it would be best to provide the feline friend with a bigger box since it will have enough space. Also, consider emptying and cleaning the litter box daily because cats stay clean and prefer clean litter boxes.

Providing your cat with a bigger litter box will benefit your cat’s health and that of your whole family. When you notice any of the above signs, switching to a bigger litter box may be the safest thing to do. It is especially essential if your cat has a big size or going through health challenges.