The Popular Types of Men’s Casual Shoes and How to Wear it Correctly

Casual Shoes

Modern-day men want to appear stylish and well-dressed. And that’s the reason why he is careful about choosing the attire and accessories that complement his look and persona. Many men know what to wear on formal occasions because this entire section gets ample attention and is much more defined. However, they have a trouble when they have to choose their casual attires and accessories, they might find it a tad bit challenging, more so with their casual shoes.

Today, casual wear is getting accepted in almost every arena of life. For instance, you can be dressed casually at parties, workplaces, and various other settings. Hence, casual shoes are the go-to option for a man who wants to look good and yet feel not heavily accessorized. You can check out the Yoper – Casual Shoes Ideas for Men if you want.

Some people think that men can never make any mistakes when it comes to casual shoes. They think just because it gets named casual; one will always get it right. That is where most people go wrong. With the increasing acceptance and popularity of casual footwear for men in multiple places and occasions, several choices and styles are available today. And all of this can get slightly confusing. If you want to get your look correct, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the various kinds of casual shoes that are available for men.

Are you thinking about where to start? If yes, the following options discussed below will enable you to choose better for yourself.

1. Sneakers

It is one of the most preferred footwears for men, irrespective of their age. Every man, young and adult, loves to sport a sneaker. Designed especially for daily wear, most men think that their wardrobe isn’t complete without a bright pair of men’s sneakers. This shoe is available in various shapes and styles. There are four types of sneakers: sports, basic, slip-on, and stylish. You can learn about the types and choose the ones that is comfortable for you.

Usually, the sneaker shoes for men offer a great scope to flaunt their style. And the sneakers aren’t just easy to wear, but they almost complement anything that you wear if you pair them correctly. Even though you can wear this shoe with most attires, there are some that you should avoid. For instance, you can wear a good-looking pair of sneakers to a date-night office that doesn’t have a strict dress code, club, or party night. However, it would help if you made it a point to avoid it for a job interview, beach or pool, and in casual business events. However, it would help if you always allowed your instinct to guide you. Having said that, keeping basic information about the event for which you are planning to wear this shoe also helps. It will enable you to style your attire better and carry yourself in fashion.

2. Espadrilles

The espadrilles are known as slip-on, no-hassle footwear. It’s famous summer footwear amongst men. It is not just easy to wear but also provides ample comfort all day long. You can pair it with shorts, shirts, chinos, denim, and T-shirts if you want. That aside, you can also pair it with any casual wear as well. It is also an excellent choice for your office as well. But you should wear it for your office, only when it doesn’t mention any strict dress code. You should also opt-in for the subtle patterns and colors when you wear them to your office. If you want to add a bit of fun and comfort to your shoes, you should opt-in for espadrilles. When it comes to wearing these shoes, you can wear it at your office, pool and beach party, and brunch gathering. And you must avoid it at the club nights, a date, or any other semi-formal and formal events.

3. The boat shoes

It is yet another casual shoe for men and comes in slip-on form. It represents the sailor-like demeanor, so it gets called the boat shoe. It usually is available in canvas or leather material. Also, it features in soft rubber sole/outsole, laces, and low cut, which can run via the eyelets on the sides and top. If you are trying to choose the best color for this shoe, it will be brown. Most men opt-in for the brown color boat shoes.

The boat shoes are versatile, but you need to exercise a minimal discretion about where to wear it. For instance, you can comfortably wear it for your office, party, and a date night. But you should avoid wearing it for your formal events, job interviews, and beach and pool parties. Additionally, you can also opt for burgundy, tan, and navy blue, which have its own charm.

4. Moccasins

Men often confuse this shoe type with the loafers. However, it is also casual slip-on footwear for men. They are available in a format that is highly similar to boat shoes. It is also called the home or driving shoes. The moccasins don’t come with heels. Also, its upper part and sole are made using the same material. The shoe might or might not carry rubber pods atop the outsole.

Men find it highly comfortable wearing the moccasin due to the super-soft construction. Since there is no heel assistance and hard sole support, you shouldn’t be wearing this shoe for any event involving excessive walking or heavy physical activities. You can wear this shoe to casual events, date nights, and offices. You shouldn’t be wearing it for a beach or pool part, a club event, or any other semi-formal or formal event.

5. The loafers

If you want to opt-in for a versatile shoe, the loafer is your best option. Usually, this shoe is considered both formal and casual based on the type and construction. The majority of the loafers are available in suede and leather upper. Also, the leather loafers are usually known to be formal as they are classy and sophisticated. Furthermore, the suede loafers project a more outdoorsy and casual vibe. When you are wearing a loafer, you possibly can’t go wrong with it. Almost any attire complements it, and so does the occasion or location. But still, there are a few rules to abide by. For instance, you can opt-in for suede loafers for formal events. That aside, you can also wear it for your beach and pool party and for any road trip.

6. Sandals

There is a considerable debate about whether sandals should be included under the shoe category. But since most men consider it to be a casual footwear, there is a section of men who think of sandals as a shoe. Hence, sandals today are a famous footwear choice. And if you want, you can pair it with tanks, shorts, denim, chinos, tees, and many other attires. Sandals are also considered casual footwear, and you might not be allowed to wear them in every place. For instance, it’s perfect to wear it to accomplish any errand and meet your friends over the weekend. But it would help if you avoided it when you are on a date night, at a club or part, and for any semi-formal and formal events.

A few guidelines that can help

Often people think that there is no need to exercise any discretion when you are choosing a casual shoe. It is not true. In fact, you need to find your own choice, which will take time. For instance, you will probably have to learn more about each footwear and find out which one might interest you. Also, there are times when what you think you like and what you like is different. So, it would help if you allowed yourself the scope to like and dislike casual footwear, to find out what suits your requirement and your style. Hence, other than research, it also involves your personal observation that will enable you to make the correct choice about a casual footwear.

Additionally, it would help if you considered your comfort level as well. Some people might be more comfortable in a sneaker, while other men find it easy to move around in a pair of loafers. It would help if you chose a casual shoe that makes you move around easily and reflects style and class. That aside, you should also fix a specific budget and not overspend on the shoe. For this, you need to research and know the average cost of the shoe so that you don’t pay an excessive amount. Make price comparisons to arrive at the best deal.

Last but not least, you need to remember that your casual shoe is more prone to wear and tear in comparison to formal shoes. Hence, you should invest in the correct pair of casual shoes. That means you need to research and join hands with the right shoe store, online or a retail store, so that you get a quality product.