6 ways to get inspired in life


About the author;

Mai Gail(Ray) is a survivor, writer and author in the making. Public health professional and mental health expert who is MPH certified. A health and lifestyle blogger and creative director of https://jarahab.com

Discover your purpose

Its hard to believe but it is not totally out of place to see or find people who are yet to discover their life’s purpose. Nothing makes am the more meaning in the world than one powerful reason that to why we wake up everyday. A reason that excites you. That reason may be far or different from some other person’s own. God created us differently and we are on earth to touch lives differently. But first, how do you discover your purpose? It is a very deep question that that throws complication easily because you may be walking another person’s purpose without realizing it. First, discover your self identity, discover your self worth, know who you are, know what makes you tick, know the hobby you want to pursue, know what gives you a feeling of life, know that effortless thing you would like to do that gets you happy all the time, know what dreams seems valid to you even when the whole world doesn’t believe in it, know your passions, know what lights your fire. This alone is enough push and vigor to knowing that with pursuing that thing to the end, by actualising that career path or business, by attending school to the highest of it, you may have discovered your life’s purpose or well on your way to discovering it. Knowing what your purpose in life is, is strong enough reason for effortless motivation. If you want to inspire yourself without the he’ll of others, then discover your life’s purpose and be determined to pursue it.

 Know what you want from life

Its one thing to know what you want to do and another thing to know what you want to get from doing that thing, from treading that path, from following that course, career and business you set yourself up for or you will be aiming for nothing. If you know what you want to get from school, if you know what you want to get from that business, if you know one good reason why you decided to pursue that career path, then that in itself is enough inspiration for you even in the cold days. You must know that others may not share same view or similar thought pattern with you and that in itself is discouraging but knowing your convictions on what you hope to get from it, will be enough fuel to fire it. Are you on some path already and you lack inspiration, go back to the draw board and look deep into the reason why you started that thing. Have you achieved your aim just yet? Why then would you stop halfway! That is enough self inspiration.

Set targets

Now you know what you want to get from life, i would just have to stress that there is more. You are not done yet. In fact this is just the beginning of work for you. It this particular step that signals your seriousness and how much you value the two points listed above. Targets at helpful and positive triggers to actualizing goals. If you know you’re supposed to do something and don’t we a date and time frame for it, i am afraid you may be setting yourself up for a goal you may never achieve. You may be leaving yourself to luck and chance. It is better to be on the safer side. Begin today to set meaningful and realistic targets about how much you want to do and achieve within a particular timeframe and be willing to meet its deadlines.

Pick models

This point cannot be over emphasized. Picking good and positive live models who have set the pace and suceeded at what you are currently doing and reading their success stories is one way to inspire you to know that come what may, you need to keep going. Activate the spirit of competition.

This is one powerful point of inspiration. Those who have the spirit of competition know it at the back of their minds even without being told the they have to win come what may, regardless of the opposition and the strength the other competitors. Winning is the ultimate goal and if that alone isn’t enough to inspire you, then i am so!

Allow successes inspire you

When you Success, its not an excuse to relax. It is an avenue to want more successes. Keep going

Allow failures inspire you

When you fail, its not the end but when you decide to sit there and give up, you then have failed. Let each failure be an avenue to learn, unlearn and relearn. Let your failures spur you to do more.

Be inspired today!