Locked Up Tight: How to Make Your Home’s Doors and Windows More Secure

Break-ins, burglaries, and home invasions are a huge problem that plague many communities across the country. In most cases, the break-in was successful because a door or window failed in keeping out the criminal. If you want to greatly lessen the chance of a criminal getting inside your house, you need to make your doors and windows more secure.

Install Smart Locks

Lock-picking is one strategy many criminals use to gain unlawful entry into a home. However, it’s no longer the 1900s. You don’t have to rely on traditional door locks to secure your home. Today, there are technologically advanced smart locks available. These can be opened by your smartphone, a passcode, or your thumb print sensor. However, they can’t be picked.

Install Security Doors

You could go to the next level in regards to securing the doors to your home. You can do this by upgrading to a security door for your home. Security doors are made with heavy-duty materials, like extruded aluminum and stainless steel, both in the door and other elements like the frame. They are nearly impossible to break through by force.

Install Window Locks

If burglars can’t get through your doors, they’ll try your windows next. Any window that can be reached should be locked. This includes ground-floor windows, basement windows, and upper-floor windows that can be climbed to. Many types of window locks can be installed easily, without the need for a professional. However, if you are considering replacing your windows anyways, look for frames with locks that are built in.

There are many different types of windows and just as many types of locks for them, so make sure you get the right kinds of locks for your windows. You will also find both key locks and keyless locks. If you do choose locks that have keys, make sure your family members know where the keys are stored so that they can open them, especially if there is an emergency such as a fire. Keys should be kept hidden but nearby.

Reinforce Your Windows

Glass is, of course, breakable, and if a burglar can’t open your windows, they may try breaking them. If you want to protect your windows from break-ins, you’re going to need to make an effort to reinforce those windows. Thankfully, you have multiple options. You could choose to replace your windows with windows composed of shatter-proof glass. Alternatively, you could install protective films and security screens to make break-ins much more difficult if not impossible.

Add Visibility

One reason why homes are targeted at night is because it’s much easier to break into a home under the cover of darkness. However, if criminals knew they were clearly visible when doing so, they would probably choose to target another house. You can remove this veil of secrecy by installing motion detecting flood lights near all doors and windows. The existence of security cameras near doors and windows can also act as another strong deterrent.

Install an Alarm System

If all else fails, you want to have a last resort fail safe that will make any criminal flee from your house. This should be an alarm system with loud alarms that also automate reporting the break-in to the authorities. Even if the criminal does breach your house, they’ll want to leave as soon as they hear the alarm.

You don’t want to rely on hope alone in regards to the security of your home. Both your doors and windows are potential entryways for criminals that would want to do harm to your family. Make sure to do what you can to secure both.