Key Features to Look for in Workflow Management Software

Workflow management is the term for an array of guidelines, procedures, and technology aimed to aid staff in completing jobs as quickly as possible.  No steps are missed or skipped over in an effective workflow, which prevents bottlenecks and delays in the overall process.  Furthermore, eliminating manual tasks frees up employee time so they can focus on more strategic business goals.

Organizations implement and optimize workflow management Software in order to increase efficiency, speed, and accuracy.  Without an organized workflow in place, businesses can miss steps or overlook key details, resulting in lost revenue, missed deadlines, and misallocation of resources.  An optimized workflow system eliminates waste while assuring the right people are assigned to the tasks at hand.

What is a Workflow Management System?

Workflow Management Software is an innovative process management tool designed to automate business processes aligning with company goals and simplify employee collaboration, reduce redundancies, and boost employee productivity.  Furthermore, companies using Workflow Management Systems can monitor, track, and analyze data, which leads to improved decision-making processes.

Utilizing workflow management software to map out each step in a process enables managers and employees to follow it with precision, leading to projects being completed correctly, efficiently, and on schedule.  Every business needs a workflow – the set of steps required to move an idea from its inception through completion.

Key Workflow Software Features to Look for in Workflow Management Tools for Businesses:

Well-defined Workflows

Workflows are an indispensable element of business operations.  They streamline repetitive tasks, remove redundancies, and ensure consistent results – yet poorly designed workflows can lead to long processing times, high operational costs, and dissatisfied employees.  Therefore, selecting a workflow management system that clearly defines processes while automating them for easy execution is essential for business operations success.

Workflow automation software should allow users to continually evaluate and improve their processes, from task completion progress and bottleneck identification to creating queues of tasks per employee or group so everyone knows where their assigned task stands at a glance.  Additionally, workflow management software should enable you to set fine-grained permissions that restrict only authorized users from editing certain processes, protecting sensitive information from getting leaked or misused.

Streamlined Workflows

An effective way to streamline workflows is to document each step clearly so all involved know exactly what they should do and when.  Doing this also reduces errors.  Miscommunication, missed deadlines, and mistakes can add up quickly to costly inefficiencies.  To avoid them altogether, look for workflow management software with automated workflows and real-time status updates so you can keep an eye on everything at all times.

Furthermore, workflows must include conditions or decision points that allow for flexibility by skipping steps based on certain criteria and creating conditions or decision points that enable steps to skip or stop depending on specific conditions or events.  This provides for greater adaptability so your processes can adapt to changing demands in the future.  Finally, software should support easy integration with other cloud tools for seamless workflows that involve multiple departments or external stakeholders.

Regular Monitoring and Optimization

A good workflow system should be able to continuously optimize its process and monitor and optimize it to boost performance and productivity, reduce risks of error or fraud, cut human intervention in the process, and ensure higher efficiency overall.  Workflow automation drastically shortens the time required for processes to complete, making it easier to identify bottlenecks and make changes that streamline them.

Furthermore, business automation enables managers to keep an accurate record of each process so they can easily pinpoint areas for improvement.  A workflow system with clearly identified roles and responsibilities provides increased accountability and transparency, which in turn boosts employee morale.  This method prevents employees from feeling micromanaged, which bolsters productivity and efficiency.  Contact a leading custom web development company to learn more about these systems.

Integration with Other Cloud Apps

Workflow management software should integrate seamlessly with all the other programs your business relies on, helping streamline processes and eliminate errors associated with entering data across platforms multiple times.  Integrating existing IT systems ensures that workflows align with documents and data in place, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive material.  A good workflow management system enables you to restrict access, providing more security for sensitive workflows.

While integration with other existing cloud-based apps and software is vital for a smooth business operation, a good workflow management tool should also have features to generate reports quickly through dynamic form mapping and incorporate electronic signatures.  This saves both time and resources that would otherwise be spent chasing down signatures or searching for paperwork.  Additionally, these features provide accountability, transparency, and quality assurance.

KPI-Based Reports

The ideal workflow management software will enable its users to customize KPI reporting.  This enables business leaders to easily capture and report on metrics most relevant to their specific business needs without creating cumbersome reports that do not yield insight worth exploring.  KPI-based workflow software will also identify any bottlenecks or issues requiring attention, such as repeating points of breakdown or tasks taking longer than anticipated to complete.

Data analytics allow managers to easily pinpoint any areas where their teams might require additional training or motivation, or service-based KPIs such as first call resolution (FCR) can give managers a snapshot of how quickly their team responds to customer inquiries on the first attempt.  Metrics like FCR also enable you to recognize team members doing amazing work who deserve rewards or recognition; KPI reports enable easier goal setting across your entire organization.

Why Workflow Management is Important for an Organization

An efficient workflow provides an accessible, centralized repository for all the required information for every step in a process, giving managers a clear picture of how each process is operating and allowing them to quickly identify any areas for attention or improvement.  A workflow management system may also be utilized to automate repetitive or minimally valuable tasks – saving employees and managers considerable time in the process.

Employees who see how their roles fit into the company’s overall mission are far more likely to be satisfied.  A detailed and transparent workflow process can help these employees understand how their efforts contribute directly to ensuring the success of their colleagues.  With a workflow management system, each step is clearly laid out and automatically carried out to reduce confusion and human errors.

Without a formal process in place, employees often have differing interpretations of how and what should result from performing their duties and the desired end results.  This can become particularly troublesome when an employee is assigned multiple tasks with similar requirements; should someone mistakenly follow an incorrect workflow version, it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly where an error has taken place and who should take responsibility for correcting it.

Mobile is now an integral part of everyday life; your workflow solution should reflect that.  To meet user expectations in an increasingly mobile world, it must have a fully responsive design that works on all devices from smartphones to tablets and desktops – as well as easy navigation for optimal user experiences similar to that seen with modern mobile apps.  Get in touch with a well-experienced mobile app and custom web development company to learn more about workflow management systems.

A good workflow management system includes an analytics engine to collect and report on data from each step in the process, allowing businesses to monitor performance and identify bottlenecks in real-time.  From monitoring leave approval processes to seeing how long purchases take to be approved, workflow analytics are invaluable in improving performance and meeting customer expectations and business process automation helps in the growth of your company.  It should enable you to track processes and tasks from any device, from anywhere in the world.


Relying on their original plan when needed is crucial for projects where successful outcomes depend upon each completion phase being met successfully.  This is where the workflow management system comes into action.  Workflow management software that integrates seamlessly with multiple tools and apps is essential for efficient operations, as this ensures all the data of different workflows is stored in one central place – eliminating redundancies and increasing productivity.

A workflow management system ensures uniform processes, leading to consistent results.  Businesses can take advantage of new technologies and techniques that may give them an edge against their competition.  When searching for workflow management software, key features should be prioritized.  Look out for tools that enable you to identify barriers, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies so that you can automate and optimize workflows more effectively.

If you own a business and are looking to boost its overall productivity, contact a leading web development and workflow management company for more details!

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