If Laser Eye Surgery Is A Possible Solution, Why Do Some People Still Prefer To Wear Corrective Lenses?

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Laser eye surgery is a procedure that can correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The surgery involves using a laser to reshape the cornea, which is the clear outer layer of the eye. While laser eye surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years, there are still many people who prefer to wear corrective lenses instead. In this article, we will explore the reasons why some people choose to wear corrective lenses even when laser eye surgery is a possible solution.

Laser eye surgery is not suitable for everyone

Firstly, not everyone is a good candidate for laser eye surgery. People with certain medical conditions such as diabetes or autoimmune diseases may not be able to undergo the procedure. Additionally, people with severe refractive errors may not be good candidates for laser eye surgery as it may not be effective in correcting their vision. In such cases, wearing corrective lenses may be the only option. Also, one has to become aware of the Lasik treatment cost in India.

Budget can be a crucial factor

Secondly, laser eye surgery is a relatively expensive procedure. While the eye surgery cost in India varies depending on the provider and location, it can be a significant expense for some people. Wearing corrective lenses, on the other hand, can be a more affordable option. There is a wide range of corrective lenses available in the market, with different types of lenses having varying costs. Therefore, people who cannot afford laser eye surgery may choose to wear corrective lenses as a more cost-effective solution.

It is more convenient for some people

Thirdly, some people may prefer the convenience and flexibility of wearing corrective lenses. Unlike laser eye surgery, which is a one-time procedure, wearing corrective lenses allows people to change their prescriptions as their vision changes over time. This means that people who wear corrective lenses do not have to worry about their vision deteriorating over time as they can simply update their prescription. Additionally, wearing corrective lenses does not require any downtime or recovery period, which can be a major consideration for people with busy schedules.

It can be a more comfortable option

Fourthly, wearing corrective lenses can be a more comfortable option for some people. While laser eye surgery is a relatively safe procedure, there can be some discomfort and dryness in the eyes during the recovery period. Some people may find this discomfort unbearable and prefer to wear corrective lenses instead. Furthermore, people who wear corrective lenses may have a wider range of lens materials and designs available to them, which can help to provide greater comfort and improve their overall vision.

Some people can be hesitant

Fifthly, some people may be hesitant to undergo a surgical procedure, even if it is relatively safe and minimally invasive. For these people, wearing corrective lenses can be a more attractive option as it does not involve any surgical intervention. Moreover, some people may be worried about the long-term effects of laser eye surgery on their vision and may prefer to stick with the tried and tested method of wearing corrective lenses. Also, they are unwilling to bear the lasik eye surgery cost in India.

The factor of appearing fashionable

Finally, some people may simply prefer the way they look with glasses or contact lenses. Glasses and contact lenses have become increasingly fashionable in recent years, with many people choosing to wear them as a fashion statement rather than just for correcting their vision. For these people, wearing corrective lenses is not just about improving their vision, but also about expressing their personal style.


In conclusion, while laser eye surgery is a viable solution for correcting vision problems, there are many reasons why some people still prefer to wear corrective lenses. Whether it is due to medical considerations, cost, convenience, comfort, fear of surgery, or personal style, there are many factors that can influence a person’s decision to wear corrective lenses. Ultimately, the choice between laser eye surgery and corrective lenses is a personal one, and it is important for each person to weigh the pros and cons of each option and make an informed decision based on their individual needs and preferences.