How to Start a Travel Agency Business in Dubai

Travel Agency Business

The stunning Dubai climate and proximity to high luxury make Dubai a holiday paradise. With the establishment of reputable travel agencies in the country, the tourism industry has always been a strong point of the UAE and the numbers are bound to rise all the time.

If you intend to invest in this industry, it’s time now. Even in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World-Expo 2020 also stands around the corner. Therefore, it is the right foot forward to start a travel agency in Dubai.

Travel agency business in Dubai?

Follow the steps mentioned below to successfully register your travel agency business in Dubai:

1. Finalize operations

In the United African States, there are different kinds of travel companies. They have several similar operations, but there are still some variations. What is your venture category? Don’t think about that. Don’t worry. The authorities already have a list of business practices to do and all you have to do is pick the activities that fit your requirements. Making the whole operation easy and smooth using the assistance of company consultants in Dubai.

2. Trade name reservation

Business name reservation is an easy method to help you give your business the desired name. Check all of the directions to retain a trading name and create a list of 3-4 names that can be passed to the authority concerned. Choose not names that are, in any way, dismissive, erroneous, or offensive. Make sure you use the name as the legal trade name if you use a person’s name.

3. Obtain the business license

To open your travel agency in Dubai, you need an official business license specific to your business. In the event of a free zone creation, you need to contact the DED to obtain the license or the corresponding free zone authority. The DED license will also encourage you to do business in the Dubai continent. Contact the DTCM in case of further approvals (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing).

4. Acquire the tourism company permit

It’s time to apply for an extra DTCM license if you have a company license. You require a tour guide, a tour operator and a travel agency to pick from. You may also choose to combine these permits according to your needs. A non-criminal record is submitted with documents such as NOC and other certificates.

5. Open a Corporate Bank Account and Manage visas

You can request work visas and get visas for your family and home workers until you have all the licenses and approvals needed. Finally, after your fiscal policies, you must open a company bank account. This is it You are ready to handle your full-service tour activities in Dubai.

Things to consider before launching a travel agency business in Dubai

As a limited liability company (LLC), or under a single ownership arrangement, a travel agency company may start running. The criteria will be stricter and accurate if your travel agency company registered as an LLC. The person should, on the other hand, become a licensed travel agent in the case of a single owner’s company.

It is necessary to consider all the choices and choose the most convenient one according to your company’s requirements. After you decide on the form of company, before making a further decision you need to weigh other important factors. Including:

  • Make sure you have enough money to start a company with a travel agent.
  • Choosing the right type of travel agency business.
  • Looking for a genuine and reliable local agent to guide you through the registration process.

Benefits of founding a Dubai travel agency

Now that you know the steps to be taken to open your travel agency in Dubai, look at the benefits of running an ATM in the UAE. Some are as follows:

  1. The stature and success of Dubai in tourism are well-known to everyone. Dubai is a convenient location for those who enjoy beaches, architectural and technical marvels. People all over the world want to visit Dubai. The travel agencies in the UAE thus benefit from an already booming market. In addition, Dubai’s local people are still looking forward to exploring the world. Therefore, every Dubai travel agency would taste exponential success.
  2. Any foreign citizen living on a license to reside in Dubai can apply for a license to travel agents in Dubai. It demonstrates the government’s quick and clear process of enabling investors to start their travel agency company in Dubai.
    You can arrange different types of activities under MICE once you have a license for a travel agency in Dubai (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions). The MICE industry has evolved rapidly in Dubai, thus giving international investors better prospects.

Roles and activities of a travel agent in Dubai

Inbound and outbound tour services may be done by an agency. They will plan activities and tours both within and outside the United African countries. Visa procedures for visitors should be controlled by the tour operator. Each travel agency should have policy insurance for all of its operations within the licensing period.

The tourist management company’s experience is supposed to be at least 3 years and approved by Dubai Police. In addition, the travel agent will assume the following roles:

  • The travel agent will take care of flight tickets
  • Assist the clients in acquiring the travel visas
  • Manage the accommodation facilities
  • Look after transport service and tour guide service whenever needed/requested

Requirements to start a travel agency business in Dubai

If the travel agency manager is certified or has a degree in tourism and travel, he or she should have a minimum of three years’ field experience. If you are graduating from a high school only, you need a minimum of 5 years of experience. The applicant shall meet with the following conditions in order to secure a license to the travel agency:

  • Pay an initial approval fee
  • Ask for the availability of the agency’s trade name
  • Provide an insurance policy
  • Submit the blueprint of the location where you will operate the business along with the lease contract

What are the required documents?

In order to authorize your travel agency in Dubai, you must send all necessary documentation. This is a description of the papers you have to submit:

  • Duly filled application form
  • Passport copies of the applicants and the manager
  • Copy of identification documents for the UAE nationals and a family record called the Khulasat Al Qaid
  • A notarized copy of the manager’s certificate of experience
  • Certificates of good conduct of the owner and the manager
  • NOC issued by the Civil Aviation Authority