How to Self-Install an Online Bought Air Conditioning Unit from an Electronics Store

woman chooses the laptop
woman chooses the laptop

The hottest days of summer are here, bringing with them the humidity of monsoons. The weather is called monsoons because of the variation in pressure occurring across the region.

With the tech innovation and the change in weather conditions due to global warming, the summers are now more hotter as winters are more colder.

With the beating heat on the outside, the demand for ACs and their installation has peaked. With the pandemic, the market showed an evident shift to more online electronic stores from the in-store electronic shops.

And when the customers make a purchase of an AC from an online electronics store, it usually doesn’t come with installation services.

While the online electronics store might offer discounts on the AC itself but the installation process is left on the individuals to manage. Electricians can be expensive to hire nowadays, to avoid any such extra expenses; you can instead follow the steps below to install your air conditioner unit yourself.

  1. Installing the indoor unit after receiving the delivery from the online electronics store:

Remember you will have to feed wiring and pipes through a hole in the wall, so make sure the wall you decide to mount the indoor unit on allows you to do so. Some things to consider while choosing the right wall are:

  • The wall should be able to withstand the weight of the AC as well as be sturdy enough.
  • The space you choose for the AC unit should be away from the main switch and power connections.
  • Avoid any places where there might be the risk of gas leakage or any water supply nearby that might cause the wall to dampen or any connection to burst.
  • Choose a space that is high-ground and for that make sure the AC comes with remote control setting so that you can control the functions even with the ground distance.
  • Try to avoid corners and go for more central placement of the unit as it is more easily manageable and when the need be, it can easily be removed, to be repaired as well.

Apart from deciding on the wall and its right placement, you would require to attach a mounting plate that will hold your indoor unit. Place the plate where you will attach it and mark the areas of screws through the holes, where you will need to grill so to attach the plate to the wall. Insert plastic anchors and screw the plate to the wall.

  1. Drill a hole through the wall:

The next step after the indoor unit positioning is decided, is to drill a hole big enough to pass wires through it easily. Make sure to slant the hole from the outside area so that it enables drainage. Also, remember to make sure there are no pipes or wires in the wall where you will be drilling.

Cross the wires with their covers intact. It will enable a safe passage without damaging the wiring.

  1. Pass the wires through the hole and connect them to the outdoor unit:

Pass the drainage pipe and wiring through the hole and secure them together with electrical tape. Remember to pull the drainage pipe to the bottom to accommodate the drainage.

Each wiring line comes already ready to be connected so you don’t need to worry about any extra work that you will need to do to establish a ready connection. After the unit is mounted, connect the wiring according to the instructions on the manual that comes with the kit in the box from the online electronics store.

One thing that should also be kept in mind while choosing the air conditioner is to make sure you choose the right store to purchase from. The online electronics stores, when chosen right can provide quality appliances and improve the quality of your lifestyle as well.

  1. Secure the electronic AC unit to the mounting plate:

Carefully lift the indoor air conditioning unit to the mounting plate and place it on top. While positioning it make sure to tilt it back some degrees to make sure the water can easily drain out the pipe. Firmly place the unit on the plate and attach it in place. It’s better to not handle this alone but rather get a handy help to hold the unit in place while you can make the connection.

  1. Deciding the space for the outdoor condenser that comes from the online electronics store:

After the indoor unit is fixed and ready, it’s now time to install the outdoor unit of the AC. Keep in mind the following things while finding the space for the outdoor unit:

  • Make sure the unit is not under any direct exposure to the sun and heat.
  • Keep the unit away from any area that might expose it to dust or rain directly.

You can place the unit in the 50 feet range of the drilled hole, to accommodate the connection, space shouldn’t exceed 50 feet as neither are the wires that long nor will they connect right if both the units are placed away from each other.

If it is possible find a place that offers shelter from traffic and dust.

  1. Securing the unit on a concrete pad

You can arrange for a concrete pad from the electronics store or see other options of stores where you can make a purchase. You will need it to secure the unit on the ground and to attach the unit on. Lay the concrete on the ground and you can then easily move it by pushing it around, instead of trying to lift the whole plate.

Make sure the concrete is high enough to not have any contact with water and sheltered enough to not be exposed to direct rain. Lay a rubber cushion in between the unit and concrete to fix the two together and to minimize the vibration. Attach them with anchor bolts.

To avoid any exposure that may happen including the water getting in, mount the unit on the outside wall on a mounting plate just like you did the indoor unit. That way the unit stays secure in a more practical way. There are also special stands that secure the outdoor units to the wall by acting as a cage around the unit.

  1. Making sure the unit came with all the online wiring and ports from the online store:

Make sure the unit wiring is intact and attached right. If they are loose then tighten them to secure the connection. Make the required adjustment and connect the wiring with the units. You can use flare nuts to secure the copper pipes from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Finally, after the wiring is connected as per the given manual instructions now attach the power supply with an outlet.

  1. Remove humidity from the refrigerant circuit:

You can use a pump to the service hose by removing the 2-way valve and 3-way valves. Vacuum until it reaches 10mm Hg, and then test all the valve and joints for any leaks. Make sure to tighten them to secure the unit works right, to make sure there is no possibility for any leakage or rainwater getting in.

  1. Finishing up:

The final step is to check and fix the wiring and fill up the hole in the wall. You also will require fixing the pipes on the wall with clamps. Follow the manual instructions that came with the box from the online store.

After the pipes are secured, tie any excess wire together so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Also, keep in mind that you will need to close up the hole in the wall. You can use expandable polyurethane foam so that no insect or rainwater can enter your home.

Follow the instructions regarding the use of foam and let it dry to solidify so that it can set in place.

After this, all that is left to do is turn on the AC and enjoy the cool inside the house while the sun blazes outdoors.

Make sure to choose an online electronics store that provides credible and durable brands that will last you years ahead. There are many options to choose from if you search for the right online site. Be smart and be innovative while trying to shape your lifestyle in a better way. While finding the right electronics can be tricky you should make sure they come with warranties and also keep a lookout for sales on credible online electronics stores.