After developing your store, it’s time to launch the new product(s) on your e-commerce store. The pressure is on, feels like you have been stuffed up into a pressure cooker. This launching period can eat up your constant 12 hours, and sometimes even more than that. This whole launching period is so grueling at times for a professional and his whole team.

80% of the new launchers fail because they don’t get the correct guide. They don’t know what challenges they might face later, and also do not follow up the right strategies. You are lucky you get to read the best article on the internet for managing your product launching campaign in the most proper manner.

Lately, when I launched my first store, I had to face a lot of challenges. Lucky me, I got the best mentors who escorted me in the whole process. If you don’t have mentors, consider me to be your mentor. Below are the strategies for you to follow that could help you to manage the product launching campaign of your product.


Creating a plan before starting any journey is the initial step before anything else. Putting your thoughts on a piece of sheet helps to understand the idea better. So, open a new sheet on your laptop and start creating bullet points or a flowchart, either way, you feel easy.

A business case is a data-backed justification for a product launch. Business cases include all sorts of important information about everything that CEOs and their leadership teams need to understand if launching a new product is viable. You have to figure out who your market is, and then validate that idea with data. How many people want your product? And is it possible for your company to capture a slice of the pie in that industry?


Sales are not possible only by providing facts listed with our product. If that was possible, we would all be millionaires by this time.

Emotions drive purchasing behaviors and decision-making.

No matter what your product or service is. This step is relevant for every business owner. Whether you are selling a blanket or a migraine medication. Everywhere emotion lies, and we have to make that emotion visible to the customers when they visit our site. A customer buys a product to solve their problem, and problems sometimes make them cringe and frustrated. If they see a product they are buying can make them feel better and happy, why won’t they buy it from you?


The more hype created the more people will come to see. It’s human nature, they are curious to know everything, especially the things that have created a buzz in the market. Let’s say 100 will reach to see, and if they get impressed by the store and the product means they got convinced to buy. Out of 100 40 will buy right away. To the rest, bringing them back is your job. Either create another hype or send them an email, or coupons marketing. A kind of hype could be offering a mini giveaway with each shop you made or giving a prize in a lucky draw game, spin and have a chance to win up to $500.


Marketing campaigns are an expensive yet most effective way for directing customers to your store. If you want your product the attention it deserves, then you should start planning two to three months in advance. A rushed campaign takes more time to reach your sales goal. You can run Facebook ad campaigns that automatically reach the buyer, make accounts for the store on Pinterest, twitter and Instagram to show you are currently active on the platforms of the internet. Other than this, email marketing is the best and cheapest way of getting sales. You can try it out even yourself.


Preorders can make up to 25% of your product sales. That’s the fourth part of your sales. And if you did not get aware of it now, you could have missed out a lot. Think of yourself. Why do we make pre-orders, because we don’t want to lose when it goes live. Your customers trust you, and your quality. So, they won’t hesitate to pre-ordering when you launch any new product. When there is created hype your loyal customers will first rush to you. Make sure you create good hype and strong campaigns before launching a product so you don’t miss out on the fourth part of your sales.


Influencers market your product better than you. It’s their job. They know how to make customers buy the product. And your job is to find the best influencers. To find influencers that are a good fit for your product, you’ll have to do a lot of research. When choosing influencers to work with, there are four main traits you want to look at: Niche, Reach, Engagement and Reputation. You need to find an influencer with a similar following to your target audience, which you can gauge by the type of products and information the influencer is currently sharing.

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