How to Improve the Appearance of Your Home This Spring

Nothing says spring like the new growth of plants and trees. The transformation from the winter’s toll can leave your house and surrounding landscape looking tired and dull. An entire makeover is not necessary to bring out the highlights that nature can provide. Making a structure work in harmony with the scenery is often enough. Home and yard improvements will spruce up your home’s appearance.

Make Use of Timeless Elements

Instead of digging up your property and replanting rare and exotic plants, use the most brilliant bushes and flora that thrive in your area. One of the most exquisite examples of color, texture, and wildlife-friendly trees in Virginia is the flowering dogwood. This native tree works well in a yard that needs a natural highlight. Pink and white flowers turn to red foliage in the fall for a delightful seasonal change. Home renovations in Washington DC provide a nice seasonal taste of using nature’s beautiful gifts and fit well with its historical presence.

Hardscapes and Pavers

Stone is a product that has come a long way in significance and beauty. Because it merges so eloquently with nature, using pathways, barriers, or outdoor living space is a great way to beautify your property. The purpose of hardscaping is to separate and identify specific areas on your land while keeping with the overall theme of nature. A wooden arbor, a flagstone patio, or a picturesque fish pond are ways to make a low-key focal point.

Create Eye-Catching Curb Appeal

Nothing draws attention like an awesome front entrance. Whether it is making a statement with a colorful front door or urns with foliage, an entrance that is unique and appealing will always bring a smile to the faces of visitors. Sometimes, updating the hardware is all that is needed to bring a fresh new look to a front door. If there is room, a stone bench will make a welcoming approach to your home.

Replacement Windows and Trim

Windows have become artistic pieces of work with arches, protective glass, and tints. If you have an older home, the R-value of your windows may be lower than it could be. In addition, styles have been updated and the materials used to create a quality trim. Perhaps small windows once helped keep heating costs down, but now a larger and more impressive window would improve your home’s interior and exterior look. Sunshine is always an improvement to artificial light. Rethinking your windows and doors this year could improve the beauty of your property in addition to energy savings.

Clear the Air

The right ventilation system can make you feel like you are living in a brand new home. In addition to better breathing, the furnishings will not dry out from too little or too much humidity and maintenance will be decreased. You can feel the difference in a home when ventilation has been addressed. The temperature seems perfect, there are no drafts, and the air just feels fresher. Having your HVAC system analyzed and updated can raise the overall look of your home by keeping the humidity level right where it should be.

Spruce it Up

Winter can be tough on a property. Once spring arrives and the leaves and debris have been cleared, take inventory of any damages that have occurred. It could be as simple as discoloration and a few scars, or the roof and guttering may be in need of repair. Weather is the most damaging element to structures and should not be left unattended. Get an estimate on the work and don’t put it off. Not only will you feel better about the appearance, but the value of your home could increase.


There are many ways to improve your property with minor or major changes. Get a second opinion on home renovations in Washington DC before starting to dig up the yard or tear out the walls. Sometimes a change in your landscaping layout or the type of flora used can make a dramatic difference in how your property appears. If there are areas that have always been of concern to you, maybe now is the time to sit down with a builder and discuss installing new frames and windows or expanding rooms.