How to Decide What Kind of Wedding to Have

Planning a wedding takes some time on your part, though you may wonder what type of wedding you want to have. For example, you could go for a traditional one, a modern one, an elopement or many others. If you want to figure out the type of wedding you want to have, you should follow the points below to help you figure it out.

Review Your Budget

Before you plan out your wedding, you need to figure out your budget. Weddings can quickly add up in costs, so you should identify your budget before you get started. If you understand the amount of money you’ll put toward your future wedding, you can work around that to ensure you get everything you need without overspending.

When you know how much money you plan to put toward the wedding, you can figure out the size of it. For example, you can see if you can afford enough for a large wedding and go for it if you can. On the other hand, if you need to save money, you can make it small.

Find a Location

Once you understand your budget, you can figure out the best location for your wedding. When it comes to weddings, you have plenty of options to consider such as having it on a beach, in a chapel, and other locations. You need to go through the options available to see which one you find most appealing for your wedding.

For example, you could plan a Big Sur elopement for your wedding. You have plenty of options and choices when it comes to weddings, so you should find a location you like, look into the prices and accommodations and go with the flow.

Identify Your Guests

You must accommodate your guests when you have a wedding, so make sure you figure out how many you want to invite. Doing so will make things easier for yourself since you can plan your wedding around the number of guests in attendance. On top of that, you can always find a location that can fit everyone in attendance to avoid problems.

When you have guests coming to your wedding, you need to provide them seats, feed them and consider points like this. With that in mind, you should figure out which guests plan to attend, provide for them at the wedding and let everyone have some fun while attending.

Consider Level of Formality

You must also figure out the level of formality for people at the wedding. For example, some weddings may require people to dress formally in suits, dresses, and similar items. On the other hand, other weddings take a more casual approach with buttoned shirts and nice slacks.

If you hold the wedding on a beach, you can even have the guests dress in Hawaiian shirts and shorts. Make sure you think about the wedding, how you want people to dress and inform them. If you plan to have a dress code, you must inform your guests ahead of time, so they can make sure they have the right clothing for it.

Review Traditional and Modern Approaches

Some people like to keep their weddings traditional while others may want a modern approach to their weddings. When it comes to traditional weddings, you may want to go through a ceremony, have a ring bearer and choose people to play different roles. On the other hand, if you plan to go with a modern wedding, you may want to skip some formalities.

Also, you may want to consider music options when it comes to your wedding. Some people may want traditional piano music while others may play their favorite songs online. Just do your best to consider points like this, pick your approach, and have some fun at your wedding.


When you focus on wedding planning, you can figure out the best type for your personality. Remember you don’t have a right or wrong answer for wedding types: you just need to choose the one you’ll feel happy with. Make sure to review the options available, so you can identify the best wedding for you and your future spouse.