How to Avoid Unexpected Travel Expenses

Travel Expenses

People love to travel,  whether around your localities, within your country, or in some countries. The reason to travel may vary from person to person. Some may love travelling to explore new places, to give a break to their monotonous daily activities, to get peace and happiness, to experience new thrills, adventures; to meet people, to study their culture, ethnicity, habitats, etc. At the same time, some people travel to unravel the mysteries of the earth, research purposes, expedition journeys, and many more. Whatever may be the reason for travelling, but the truth is life is a journey, the more you travel, the more you will get knowledge.

the travel expenses

With travelling comes the travel expenses or budget. Of course, one has to make a travel budget plan before any travelling plan. Traveling will indeed make you spend money on your accommodations, food, transportation charges, and other miscellaneous charges. But even one should try avoiding the unexpected expenses that get added during the trip.

In this article, we will discuss how to reduce or avoid your unexpected travelling expenses:

1. During Foreign Exchange Fees

If you are planning to travel abroad, then the first thing you need to do is exchange your native country’s currency with the currency of that particular country you are travelling to. There are many agencies nowadays that offer tourists or individuals foreign currencies in return for the native currencies. During this process, these agencies or organizations will incur some exchange charges from the customers, and that’s obvious because they are doing a business, and profit is a must. But there are some organizations like the exchanges done in Airports. They take advantage of the situations and impose higher exchange rates than the usual exchange rate charges from the customers. So, one has to be cautious enough to avoid such expenses.

2. During Hotel Booking Bills

There are many incidents related to the irregularities or illegal bill-making process of a hotel booking. For example, suppose you have booked a hotel room at a reasonable price that you are comfortable enough to pay and stayed there. But at the time of payment, when the final bill comes and if you are to pay much more than you expected due to taxes levied on additional facilities, it may create problems for the customers if they are on a tight budget.

So it’s better to confirm first with the hotel authorities regarding the charges and taxes. By doing so, it may save you unexpected expenses.

3. Roaming Charges

You might be well aware of the term Roaming Charges. Roaming charges are incurred when somebody travels to another country. Roaming charges may differ region-wise. Unfortunately, there are many incurring heavy roaming charges because of the lack of knowledge regarding roaming charges. If you want to avoid such roaming charges, try to keep your roaming off unless necessary. This may help you in avoiding unexpected travelling expenses.

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4. Credit or Debit Card Charges

Different countries may have their rates of imposing taxes on Credit or Debit cards to which foreigners may not be aware. So if you are using your Credit or Debit card for payment abroad, please make sure that you are aware of the charges incurred on the transactions of money between the Banks of your country and the foreign ones. This may help you in avoiding unexpected travelling expenses.

5. Tipping charges

Giving tips to the waiters or restaurant services sometimes might push you into a monetary shortage. There are some restaurants or hotels which have the system of adding charges on bills as tipping charges. If you are unaware of the costs, bill payment might compel you to face difficulties. So try to have precise info on such customs of automatic tip addition on your bills. This may help you in avoiding unexpected travelling expenses.

6. Unexpected Cab Fees

If you are hiring a taxi or a cab, please be sure to discuss the charges and the amount to be paid before starting your trip. Sometimes the drivers may charge more than you expected on your trip, leading to unexpected expenses. Unfortunately, such kinds of incidents are common in our day-to-day lives.

7. Airline Baggage Charges

It’s a bitter truth that the airline authorities introduce unexpected and unsatisfying hidden charges on the baggage. Different airport authorities may impose additional rates of payments. If you are travelling by air, try to fly light, i.e, try to travel with less baggage or luggage to avoid extra fees. Even if such baggage cannot be avoided, try to know about the charges on them for their weight. This may help you in avoiding unexpected travelling expenses.