How Often Can You Have a Hair Removal Treatment?

Hair Removal Treatment
A woman in a beauty salon during a laser treatment.

The modern method of getting rid of hair on the body and face using a laser is an opportunity to effectively affect the hair follicles, remove excess hair in the right places, which means getting rid of minor troubles. Previously, we regularly spent enough time destroying hair using epilator, tweezers, wax and others. However, the advent of laser hair removal techniques saved people from various inconveniences.

Laser hair removal is an effective, painless and fastest method to permanently get rid of unwanted hairs on different parts of the body. However, to get rid of hair completely and achieve smooth and get clear skin, you need to attend several sessions. How many laser hair removal procedures do you need to completely remove hair?

It all depends on various factors, including the type of skin and the amount of hair in the treated area, texture, colour intensity of the hair shaft, hormonal background, since some hormones can reduce or increase hair growth over time. Every cosmetology clinic like the laser skin clinic in Canberra focuses on different strategies to complete the procedure. Laser hair removal allows you to forget about the need to constantly think about repeated manipulations. But to get perfectly smooth legs or other parts of the body, it’ll still take more than one session.

To understand why this is happening and whether this is a trick of dermatologists, we will analyze with you in this article the features of the laser action and the features of our body, laid down by nature.

How Many Sessions Do You Need to Remove Hair Permanently?

Laser hair removal is a method of radical hair removal that involves the destruction of hair follicles using laser radiation. During the procedure, laser beams affect only the hair follicle. A single laser hair removal procedure will most likely have no effect on the hairiness of a specific area. Laser radiation affects only those hair follicles that are in the phase of active growth. During the first procedure, part of the follicles that are in the active stage is destroyed. This stimulates the activation of dormant follicles, resulting in compensatory hair growth.

  • Bikini Area: To remove the bulk of the hair in the bikini area, 6-12 procedures will be required. The hair in this area is increased and the skin is sensitive, so the beautician uses shallow laser beams.
  • Face: The laser will help to remove the hated antennae, fluff from the cheek area and forget about shaving and plucking. Usually, no more than 2-3 procedures are required, but a longer exposure will be required.
  • Armpits: How often do you need to go for laser hair removal for those who want perfectly smooth armpits? Cosmetologists say that with the right approach to the sessions, only 4-5 procedures are enough.
  • Legs and Back: Smooth silky skin of the legs after the first laser hair removal procedure is a reality. But to achieve maximum results, at least 6 procedures are required. Additionally, treatment of the back and abdomen from hairs is required less often, but the number of sessions is greater.

To stop hair growth for as long as possible, you must complete a full course of laser hair removal procedures. How many laser hair removal procedures are needed will be determined by the doctor, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient’s body. The break between laser hair removal procedures is set individually, but not less than 4 weeks.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Show Its Results?

Unfortunately, there is no one 100% effective method of completely getting rid of unwanted hair. This means that periodically about 2 times a year, it’s necessary to re-apply laser hair removal to maintain the smoothness and beauty of the skin. At the same time, there is no need to go through the entire course of laser hair removal. It’s enough to visit 1 – 2 sessions, during which it will be possible to get rid of all ingrown hairs. It’s also worth noting that the hair in the treated areas will remain at least 70% less, while they grow much thinner and lighter, which means that they are almost invisible to the naked eye.

Wrapping Up

In one session of laser hair removal, you can remove about 15 – 20% of the hairline. Therefore, answering the question of how often you require a laser hair removal procedure depends on the rate of hair growth. The experts of a skin clinic in Canberra said the time between procedures must be 6 – 12 weeks. Before this period, it makes no sense to come to laser hair removal, since the effect of it is reduced many times.

If the break between the first and second session is no more than two months, the interval between the last and the penultimate procedure may increase several times. This is due to the fact that each subsequent exposure to laser beams slows down the growth of hairs, which means that you’ll have to wait longer.