How Much Does a Sri Lanka Visa Cost for U.S. Citizens?

Sri Lanka is said to be the heart of the Indian ocean, and it is also famous as the teardrop of India because of its shape. But in contrast, this island country has amazing tropical landscapes and brings relaxed and refreshed vacations. With a 1,785 km long coastline, Sri Lanka owns many beautiful endless beaches, and green spaces allow travelers to blend into nature. This country is also one of the main tea producers in the world because of its suitable climate and topography. 

Following that, there are many water sports and adventure activities that promise a great trip for visitors. Nowadays, you don’t need to follow the traditional way of applying for a Sri Lanka visa US because the state allows the travelers to apply for the visa online. Before applying for the Sri Lanka visa, you need to read about the Sri Lanka travel restrictions, which are mentioned further in the post. 

Sri Lanka Visa for US Citizens:

Traveling to Sri Lanka is no doubt a great experience for the foreigners, especially from the tourists that are from different cultures. For this reason, Sri Lanka is the best destination for the tourists that can’t be ignored. Another reason why tourists apply for the Sri Lanka visa for Americans is that the visa application process is a bit easier as compared to the traditional one. 

One of the best advantages of visiting Sri Lanka is that you are only required to have the evisa along with your US valid passport. In the modern world of technology, you don’t have to visit the embassy to process the visa application. In fact, you can apply for a Sri Lanka tourist visa for us citizens through the website. You deserve a secure method that doesn’t force you to waste time in vain, so if you want to apply for an online visa then visit the official website. You can learn more about this online application and Sri Lanka travel restrictions by reading the following information.

What are U.S Citizens Requirements to Travel to Sri Lanka?

  • If you’re a U.S. citizen, you need proof of sufficient funds for your stay in the country. Another thing you need is valid proof of having been vaccinated for Yellow Fever.
  • Any foreign currency over $15,000 must be declared at the point of entry. If you arrive there with a tourist visa, then you must do only tourism, which includes sightseeing, medical tourism, enrolling in sporting activities, and cultural activities.
  • Keep yourself updated regarding travel restrictions because travelers who are uncertain of the activities under the regulations of a tourist visa could be facing a risk of deportation if they participate in an activity that isn’t covered.

What are the Costs & the Processing Times?

At the official visa application website, you will have three options to process the visa online. You need to choose the one that meets your needs. Below listed are the visa types:

Standard processing: 

This processing time lasts five days and you need to pay USD 61.00.

Rush processing: 

When you choose the rush processing type option, then you can recive your visa within three days, and it will cost you USD 94.00. 

Super Rush processing:

The super rush processing visa type costs USD about 103.75 including the service fee, and you will have the application within 24 hours.

Note: Remember that if you don’t follow the Sri Lanka travel restrictions properly, then your visa application gets rejected. 

Do I Need a Visa for Sri Lanka from USA?

Yes you need to get a Sri Lanka visa from the USA if you want to travel as the USA is not on the list of countries who can enter Sri Lanka without a visa. To get the visa you need to follow a simple process! 

The online application form that you  are required to fill up is is divided into three easy steps:


  • The first step is to fill out your general information such as name, address, passport info, email address, etc. Also, you need to select the type of ETA and its time of processing.
  • The second step is to make a review for the information you have entered into the online application form. After that you need to pay the visa fee using your debit and credit card. 
  • The last step is to attach the essential documents that are required for the visa application. 

Once you receive the visa at your email address, then you can fly on the airline tickets to Sri Lanka from the USA. But you have to strictly follow the Sri Lanka travel restrictions while traveling to Sri Lanka.