How Medical Students Can Prepare for the MCAT

Medicine is one of the good causes that any bright student can consider pursuing. However, It is a course you cannot just pursue by scoring good grades alone. It also requires you to have a strong passion for it. Medicine majorly involves handling the human body, which is not easy without having a strong passion for medicine or understanding.

It is also one of the technical courses, and that is why you find people dropping out before completion. Before you get admitted for the medical course, you must be tested and pass the exam, known as MCAT. The test indicates your capability of taking the course. This article gives you tips on how you can prepare to ensure you pass the MCAT exam.

1. Know What You Are Getting Into

The secret of passing this exam is having a better understanding of what it entails. That will even help you prepare both physically and psychologically, eliminating surprises and fears during the exam.

Even though you may have done well in another standardized test, that should not make you think that you will automatically pass the MCAT. This is a unique and different exam from the others.

MCAT exam involves a lot of things that cover major parts of biology and chemistry. It would help if you understood what the course entails in finer detail before sitting for it.

2. Do Practice Problems

The old saying that practice makes perfect still applies to date. It is one of the secrets to passing any exam and not only the MCAT. You need to do a lot of research and find as many questions as possible about the exam. There are several sources you can use to find inquiries concerning the exam. You can either go to the library to get several books with questions o revise. You can also decide to use online platforms as that is the quickest way to help you revise for the exam.

Doing a thorough revision for the exam, especially with past papers, will help you boost your confidence and also help improve your testing skills. It will help you get familiar with the questions so that they don’t shake you while in the exam room.

3. Use Good Materials

Even as you do your revision, you don’t just do it for the sake of ensuring you get good grades. Use revision materials with relevant information. Revision materials can determine the chances of passing your exam. If you use the wrong ones, the chances of failing to pass might be high because they may not have enough questions or guidelines included in the exam.

If you are attending a university with a pre-med program, you can seek career services. If that is not easy, you can seek an MCAT tutor who will guide you through and help you revise some of the questions set in the exam. However, one of the best materials for your revision is the practice material offered by the Association of American Medical College. It is an organization that develops and supervises the MCAT. The practice exam has all the questions that are found in the exam.

Some of the practice materials they offer include questions on previous exams. That will help you get familiar with the questions that will also boost your confidence.

4. Have a Plan

Having a proper plan for carrying out your activities is always the key to success, not only academics. Having the right strategy is one of the best ways to approach the MCAT exam.

Break down all the activities you plan to take into smaller ones and allocate the time for each. That will give you an easy time during your revision because you will know what to do at a specific time by following what is in the plan.

You need to know the time remaining for your exam and your weakness so that you can know where to put your energy.


MCAT exam, just like any other exam, requires a lot of preparation because the major being is to pass it. The tips above will help you to ensure you pass the exam.