How can a healthcare staffing app solve the healthcare labor shortage in the USA?

The USA is facing a significant healthcare labor shortage and it is likely to increase in the coming years, a consulting firm Mercer studied the scenario of the shortage and concluded that, by 2025, the healthcare industry will encounter a shortage of 40000 health aids and 29,400 nurse practitioners.

As this is not enough, the pandemic has worsened the situation more and put the hospitals and healthcare institutions in vulnerable conditions amid such a shortage.

But like they say, every problem has a solution, so does this.

A  healthcare staffing application has come up with some amazing features and services that have the capacity to overcome the shortage issue. The application is as simple as any job portal where companies and candidates search for employees and jobs respectively.

This blog is specifically focused on the staffing healthcare application and how has it overcome the challenges of the shortage of healthcare laborers?

What is a healthcare staffing app and how does it work?

It is a mobile application powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows healthcare laborers to connect with healthcare officials in order to get a job.

Its two-way process application, where healthcare laborers can apply for jobs as per their qualification and healthcare hiring officials can seek for the candidate as per their requirement.

Now, you must wonder how the application works? Let’s get into it as well.

For nurses

  1. Create an account by giving personal, educational, professional details.
  2. Once the account is created, the user can see the nearby job openings and can filter out the searches based on wages, shifts, and timings.
  3. Also, the user can save the job for future reference as well
  4. Users will get the job notification if the relevant job opening is updated on the platform
  5. Study the job profile and apply for it. The employer can accept and reject seeing your profile.

For healthcare hiring official

  1. Create an account by adding all the necessary information about the company
  2. The concerned official can create a job opening as per the vacancy
  3. The application allows you to see the job profile of the different candidates and send job offers as well
  4. The user can review the received job request and proceed further as per their standard hiring process.

Let’s take examples of healthcare staffing applications that have gained a tremendous response from the users.

Trusted health, a nursing start-up has announced a whopping $149 million in funding. This shows how a healthcare staffing job portal was needed in the healthcare industry in order to overcome the shortage of healthcare laborers.

Another California-based nurse staffing platform called “works” has generated $175 million in funding, the start-up’s main mission is to fill nursing shifts The platform allows employees to create an on-demand workforce from internal and external sources in one system.

Taking this further, one Israeli digital platform that specifically serves renal diagnostic services gained 14$ million in a series of funding.

How does healthcare staffing application make a difference in the healthcare employment industry?

  • Hospitals can approach job seekers easily

Healthcare application is for all the workers who are associated with the healthcare industry and who need a job. The authorized hiring official only has to visit the application and search for the profile that meets with their vacancy and can approach the person for the same. If the frequency of requirements of candidates and employers gets matched then it’s a win-win situation for both.

  • Get a healthcare worker in an emergency time.

This is the main reason why such a start-up  has gained large funding because it has provided healthcare laborers to the hospital in very critical conditions. Amid the pandemic, nurses, and healthcare workers are being skeptical about going to the hospitals as the covid-19 is still a huge concern in the world.

In such a scenario, with healthcare staffing applications, hospitals and other medical institutes are able to reach the maximum number of job seekers and hire them for a short-term and long-term period. This practice has helped hospitals overcome the problem of a shortage of healthcare laborers in less time.

  • Unemployed workers can aware of job vacancies and get an employment

In this pandemic, irrespective of any industry,  many people have lost their job and are searching for a new jobs. Healthcare staffing applications have made their jobs easy as they can see every job vacancy on the portal according to their job profile and can send a request to the company.

This way, a healthcare worker can contact the hospital that is hiring and at a fast pace and would not be unemployed for a long time.

  • Healthcare staffing job portal reduces the time of the hiring process

Employers can directly reject the candidate on the job portal itself if they don’t find a job profile relevant to their vacancy, and this saves time for both.

Amid the pandemic, hospitals and medical institutes are facing many difficulties due to a shortage of staff, management are under pressure to get new staff as soon as possible to overcome the shortage challenges. In such a scenario healthcare staffing job portal has emerged as the big solution to healthcare management. The application offers a wide range of candidates in one place which helps organizations to connect with more people and escalate the hiring process.

This way the hospital management can utilize the application in order to eliminate problems that occur in the hiring process.


The healthcare worker shortage is not an overnight issue, it has been in US healthcare even before the Covid-19 pandemic. The US healthcare labor market has been facing tremendous challenges to overcome the shortage of healthcare workers.

And there it comes the healthcare staffing app and receives unanimous appreciation from the healthcare industry from many countries. Also, the huge funding to the start-up such as “ trusted health” and “works” shows how the healthcare industry faces a huge shortage of workers and wants to hire more and more people through the digital platform.

Therefore, the healthcare staffing app has a long way to go, because experts suggest that the shortage of workers in only the USA will remain till 2025.