House Painting Tools & Equipment used by Pro Painters

House Painting Tool

Painting tools play crucial role when it comes to painting your home with exact precision and quality. No matter how difficult or tedious a painting task might seem to you, getting the right tools will always make it manageable for you. Moreover, painting is a rare thing that generally doesn’t take place much often and you strive a lot to get the paint color for your home to make it look it look stylish and distinct from others. Buying cheap quality paint tools in UAE may spoil the entire painting project; hence, you need to get some trusted brands and good quality paint tools which will bring you the desired result. Getting equipped with the right painting tools is as crucial as selecting a perfect color for your walls. The flexibility and comfort offered by these tools will allow you to accomplish your painting task with great ease with precision. This article will discuss some must-have painting tools for any DIY Painting task.

Prepare a smooth surface with Sand Paper

The first thing you need to do before painting is to prepare a good and smooth surface for painting. For this, you will need a good quality sand paper of 100-150 grits will best serve a home painting task. If you have decided to try a different shade this time, for instance, you have painted your home with high-gloss dark colors and have now decided to use some light colors, you will definitely need to work little harder to remove that earlier paint effect from your walls so that your new paint color can reflect its true magic. Make sure that you wear proper goggles and dust mask because the dust particles will trouble you a lot while smoothening your walls with a sand paper.

Masking Tape for Clear & Straight lines

A masking tape is generally required to mask off those areas which you don’t want to paint. Moreover, taping the areas properly will give you a perfect layout for your painting task where you can execute straight lines through a paint brush or a roller. Masking tapes are of immense importance to keep your painting task streamlined and accurate. You can use it wherever you want to create a partition between two colors or simply keep some edges and corners safe from being painted. Masking tape can be used for creating different patterns if you are using spray paints. Getting desired patterns with this tape becomes quite handy and convenient and you start enjoying your painting task.

Use Drop Sheets to keep your task clean

Drop sheet is another important tool that you will require for your home painting task to keep it manageable and clean. You can look for a good quality drop sheet from the market which has thick and fluffy surface to absorb maximum paint spills. Place these drop sheets on the floor where you are painting and restrict paint spills to scatter everywhere. This will prove to be of great help when at the end of the day, you just need to collect all drop sheets and place them to some other room where you are going to paint.

A Good Quality Paint Brush

This is the most important tool for your DIY Painting task. A standard-sized 3 inch paint brush will allow you maximum comfort and flexibility in painting large surfaces with required precision. However, you always have a choice to look for some spray paints online or to use a roller but using a quality-proven paint brush will also serve the purpose quite perfectly. A handy paint brush with wooden handle will be much better choice to execute long and smooth strokes on walls. If you are using an oil-based paint, a natural white-bristled paint brush will be the best option for you. Its soft and supple bristles will give you smooth finish and fine touch on your walls. And if you are painting a textured surface, a natural black-bristled paint brush will be much better for this. Make sure that you never compromise with the quality of paint brush as a good quality paint brush will always hold maximum paint in it to allow greater coverage.

Paint Bucket

You need to open your paint can and mix the required amount of paint in a paint bucket that you will carry with you all the time during the entire painting task. A standard-sized 4 to 5 gallon paint bucket will be quite handy to carry anywhere. Keeping a handy paint bucket will provide immense speed to your painting task and will support quicker strokes. This small but elementary painting tool is often underestimated for any painting task but a perfect-sized paint bucket can be a deciding factor in accomplishing tasks on-time and sometimes, even before that.

Extension Poles

Extension poles are used to reach out the farthest corners and areas to paint. You can’t reach every corner of your home to paint it even after using a ladder. An extension pole is a great tool to provide immense flexibility to your painting task. Attach your paint roller to this pole and set the length according to your ceiling’s height. Extension poles will make it quite flexible for you to reach farthest areas in your home.

A Lightweight Ladder

Using a lightweight ladder for your home painting task will also prove to be of great help for you. There are some areas where you can’t simply reach while painting. A lightweight ladder will allow you to paint different areas and corners with unmatched flexibility and convenience. Make sure that you buy a light-weighted ladder so that it is convenient to carry anywhere within and outside your home. Even if you are using spray paint tools for painting your home, a ladder can prove to be much resourceful. Moreover, a ladder is a quite versatile thing which can be utilized for several other purposes even after getting finished with your painting task.

Silicone Sealants

This is also much required painting equipment for every professional painter. A GP silicone sealant is used to fix cracks and other required areas where you need them to keep water resistant, for instance, cracks and gapping in window frames or near your washroom’s commodes or it may be a door frame that starts leaking in heavy rainfall. Using a silicone sealant is not much complicated and it gives an overall fine touch to your painting task.

All the above-mentioned tools and equipment will let you paint like a professional. Painting tools are off great importance if you want to create a distinct effect through your painting job. These tools will be quite helpful for beginners to execute their painting task in a well-organized way and let people appreciate their effort seamlessly.