Home Gym: Ten Space-Saving Fitness Equipments for the Home

Sporty man doing sit-ups exercise during home workout
Sporty man doing sit-ups exercise during home workout

Your gym has closed because of the corona virus or you just don’t feel like going? Fortunately, time-effective workouts in your own home gym are trendy. We’ll tell you which space-saving training equipment for at home is really worthwhile.

Has your gym been temporarily closed due to the spread of the corona virus ? High time to equip your own home with sports equipment.

But there are also plenty of other reasons to set up yourself at home in such a way that, if necessary, you can put a training session in between within your own four walls – before rain, cold, darkness or long distances completely torpedo your workout plans. 

Maybe sometimes there is simply a lack of motivation. Better to train at home than not at all.

You will definitely feel much more alert and comfortable after an undisturbed yoga session in an out-of-bed look, or a crisp HIIT session in your own home will bring you back in a good mood. 

Here you can decide for yourself when, how, with whom, in which outfit and for how long you want to train.

So, no more excuses: Get off the couch and welcome to your personal gym. Don’t miss to buy any fitness equipments at best price with Amazon promo codes

We have put together ten practical fitness gadgets that you can use to organize your training at home flexibly and effectively.

Alternatively, you can find effective exercises here without any equipment .

1.Fitness mat

No matter how much space you have or which training you choose: It is important to first create a suitable surface. 

A suitable exercise mat should be non-slip and protect your joints, just like your (living room) floor.

Yoga lovers should grab a special yoga mat that offers the right grip and at the same time provides a secure hold during balance exercises. Rolled up, you can easily store them under the sofa or on the closet after your workout. Make sure that the treadmill is also a great way to keep yourself healthy and fit. 

2. Fitness bands

A versatile companion for your training at home and when traveling : the Theraband . Once wrapped around the banister or a tree trunk in the park, you have your own rowing machine for a strong back. Fitness bands are also great for intense butt workouts. B. for your kickbacks around your foot and hold it with your hands or wrap it around your hip while lifting the pelvis. 

Special resistance loops do not have to be held in place or knotted and are the perfect upgrade for your squats or kicks. The resistance bands can also be integrated into any HIIT training or z. B. used in yoga to intensify stretches.

Particularly practical: the flexible fitness straps fit in every handbag and are therefore ready for use anywhere.

3. Fascia roll

In addition to strength training, stretching should not be neglected either. A fascia roller can help here: fascia training promotes muscle regeneration and loosens adhesions or hardening. This ensures more mobility and performance and can also prevent injuries. We present the best rolls for at home in our large fascia roll test .

The flexible roles are not only suitable for muscle regeneration, but also as practical tools for balance and strength exercises .

If you want to target individual back parts, the shoulders, or the chest muscles, it is best to use a fascia ball directly . Due to the small area, the deep tissue can be reached more easily.

Another plus point: You can take the space-saving ball with you to the office – e.g. B. for a relaxing self-massage during the lunch break.

4. Sandbag

The optimal booster for your functional training: a weight bag . What looks like a normal sports bag is actually a highly effective training tool.

With the various handles you can use the sandbag flexibly as extra weight for your squats, lungs or shoulder presses.

The special thing about it: The sand filling shifts a little with every movement, so that an imbalance arises and your muscles are also challenged. In this way, you also strengthen your core muscles with each exercise.

Depending on the desired weight, individual sandbags can be removed from the bag or added.

5. Exercise ball

Maybe you already own a Pezzi ball – if not, it’s high time! Large exercise balls can be optimally used for effective workouts in the living room. 

Try moving your sit-ups or push -ups from the mat to the ball and thus challenge your muscles.

Instead of being used as a base, the tool can also be used to intensify exercises such as the jackknife. For this purpose, the ball is passed between the feet by the hands and thus not only ensures a clean stomach crunch , but also an intensive training of the leg muscles. 

6. Balance board

The plank is one of the most famous isometric training exercises. In addition to intensive training of the abdominal muscles, the holding exercise also strengthens arms and shoulders.

This little helper ensures a good load of fun doing forearm support at home: With the plank pad , your abdominal muscles are trained in a playful way.

The associated app provides suitable exercises or games that are controlled by the movements. So you can hold out for a particularly long time and quickly forget how strenuous the exercise actually is. The intelligent board regularly corrects posture and is therefore an ideal training partner for at home.

7. Abdominal trainer

If you want a six-pack , you first and foremost need stable core muscles. To do this, it is often not enough to do sit-ups. The back extensor muscles and the hip muscles are also relevant for strengthening the torso and should ideally be trained in conjunction with the straight and oblique abdominal muscles.

The Ab roller wheel can provide a remedy to challenge the entire middle as best as possible. For the training you kneel on a non-slip mat and support yourself on the handles of the abdominal trainer. While tensing your torso and arm muscles, roll the training tool forward as far as you can in a controlled manner. In the same way you slowly come back to the starting position.

Important when performing: Do not fall into your back and keep maximum tension.

Alternatively, you can of course use a barbell with round weights on the sides. The practical abdominal trainer is much lighter and more space-saving and therefore particularly suitable for your home gym. 

Tip: The Ab-Roller is more suitable for advanced users. Correct body tension is essential for a clean execution. To build this up, holding exercises such as the plank or the boat are suitable.  

8. Kettlebell

Whether shoulder training , arm workout or squats: The versatile kettlebell can be used as a dumbbell replacement during training, as well as being swung dynamically. It challenges several muscle groups at once and also strengthens endurance and coordination. 

The most famous exercise with the kettlebell is the kettlebell swing: Similar to squats, you stand hip-width apart on a non-slip surface and bend your knees. Hold the kettlebell firmly between your legs with both hands and swing it when you sit up (make sure your back is straight) from the swing of your hips to shoulder height. 

The exercise trains strength and stamina and is ideal as a full-body workout. 

Kettlebells come in different weight classes.

9. Jump rope

Cardio training in the living room or in the garden? Martial artists swear by skipping rope workouts – and not without reason. The training improves both stamina and coordination, helps you lose weight and is very easy to do anywhere, anytime. Especially important for beginners: Even when jumping rope, you should rely on the right cushioning by means of a gymnastics mat and appropriate sports shoes in order to protect the joints as much as possible. 

Beginners are well served with light ropes, advanced ropes can use heavier ropes . If you are looking for the highest possible speed, you can purchase a so-called speed rope , which enables particularly fast swinging. 

10. Sling trainer

Practical for on the go and at home: A sling trainer is particularly suitable for building up strong core muscles. The practical tool can be attached to the ceiling with a snap hook or to a tree or a high pole outdoors (e.g. on the playground). 

Depending on the exercise, you put your hands or feet in the two loops and put the ropes under tension. In this way you create imbalances that challenge your body extra. Depending on the angle, you can flexibly adjust the difficulty of the exercise.

The sling trainer weighs less than 500 grams, is space-saving and is perfect for traveling with you. 


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