Difference between Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

Hair loss and hair thinning are used interchangeably, yet, these issues have different traits. Getting a consultation from trichologist frequently if any of these problems are witnessed is a wise measure. But, to understand the difference between hair loss and hair thinning, let us take a look at some facts that define the two conditions precisely.

In the modern life, hectic lifestyle, seasonal changes and other reasons together contribute to conditions like excessive hair fall, hair loss and hair thinning. From noticing too many hair strands in the comb, weakening texture of hair or bald patches becoming visible on the scalp to other hair loss stages, one has to visit the clinic for hair transplant in Delhi. It is the team of specialized trichologists, surgeons, staff members and their clinical examinations highlight the reasons as well as the solution behind hair thinning or hair loss condition, whichever case has been evaluated.

Let’s begin with understanding the two conditions before enumerating basic difference between the two:

What does hair thinning mean?

The process of hair shaft getting thinner and finer further hampering the hair growth cycle is the initial stage of hair thinning. This process is applicable for both genders depending on the male or female bald pattern thinning the individual is suffering from. However, the pattern of hair thinning is different in every case such as receding hairline, gradual hair thinning from the top in the male pattern thinning whereas, in the female pattern thinning, it is the frontal area of the head that gets affected by hair thinning. Generally, it is normal to lose 50-100 hair follicles every day, but, when the person constantly notices hair fall, it leads to thinning of hairline. Nevertheless, hair thinning does not cause baldness, but, certainly, if the best hair transplant clinic is timely chosen, the measures to maintain proper hair growth can be known. Alternatively, the solution for hair thinning can be recommended by the trichologist.

How to stop hair thinning?

Lifestyle, habits and certain genetic attributes lead to thinning of hair and this condition can also be caused by the harsh hair products, coloring, perming or other over-treatment, wearing tight hairstyles, deficiency of folic acid, iron and other minerals. Besides, chronic stress caused by stress hormones can also lead to hair thinning.

When it comes to stopping hair thinning, scalp massage, adding essential oils to the diet and the anti-thinning shampoo are some of the ways that can be included in the daily regime In addition, the boosting of multivitamins through various sources can nourish hair by working over the nutritional deficiencies of the scalp, hair follicles or blood stream on a whole.

What is meant by hair loss?

Keratin, the protein through which hair is made gets produced in the outer layer of the skin. The natural hair growth cycle results in over 100,000 to 150,000 hair follicles on the scalp of the individual. Out of which, 50-100 hair follicles are lost on a daily basis or few hair strands may be visible in the comb. Well, this is not really an alarming case as the experts at the top hair transplant clinic suggest. But, when the various causes of hair loss are experienced, then, the situation cannot be overlooked. In involutional alopecia, the natural hair loss condition which can be experienced due to ageing effect with gradual hair thinning. As a part of this condition, many hair follicles are seen to head their way to the resting phase while other hair get shorter and fewer gradually.

In the androgenic alopecia, the genetic condition of hair loss starts early and if the person is suffering from male pattern baldness, then, at the age of 20, he can start experiencing the visible signs of receding hairline. On the other hand, frontal scalp and crown get influenced in this hair loss condition with the passage of time. Women witness general hair thinning throughout the scalp and extensively in crown area as the time passes by.

The other hair loss conditions, namely, alopecia areata, alopecia universalis, trichotillomania, telogen effluvium and scarring alopecia have varied diagnosis specifications depending on their type of hair thinning that turns into hair loss. For instance, trichotillomania is a consequence of psychological disorder, wherein, the person feels an urge to pull hair and that causes hair loss gradually.

Why does hair loss occur?

There are several factors that prove to be majorly essential in understanding the reason behind hair loss ranging from hormonal abnormalities, particularly androgen level imbalance, genetic issues, stress, impact of drugs and autoimmune diseases to burns, injuries and X Rays. All these reasons behind the occurrence of hair thinning and then, hair loss should be identified at early stage so that the consultation from hair transplant surgeon can be sought in a timely manner.

When should you connect with the doctor for hair thinning or hair loss?

From the above information, it is clear that thinning of hair follicles is referred to as hair loss. These two terms are used in similar implications. But, when the hair loss becomes severe and cannot be controlled through topical ointments, serums, supplements or any medication, then, it is advisable to visit the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi without any delay. It will be inferred after diagnosis of the type of hair loss, whether there is a need of hair transplant session or the other plan of action. In fact, one should not wait for increased symptoms of hair loss, instead, keeping finding the alternatives of finalizing the best trichologist who can conduct clinical examination and provide detailed assessment of the constant hair thinning and hair loss.

Final Takeaway

Even though hair thinning may be caused due to ageing, hormonal imbalance or any of the above factors mentioned above, it should not be overlooked. Keeping the hair nourished, taking multivitamins and other minerals in the diet to seeking the advice from hair specialist, all the measures should be followed before the hair loss turns severe. In some cases, when hair transplant is the only reason to cover bald patch of the scalp of adding density to the receding hairline, then, the best clinic for hair transplant should be chosen.