Follow the Hacks and Plan your Dream Wedding Within your Budget

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Planning a wedding is a creative and expensive task at the same time. Everything from guests to food to decoration to gifts has to be taken care of in an organised manner.

It may make a hole in your pocket considering the rising prices for everything. Following few hacks can help you save some money and make your wedding a memorable event.

Many people face financial constraint when it comes to their wedding. They may take loans from the market and then plan their wedding. There are many loans such as personal loans, car loans, and taking a loans for the unemployed and many more.

But it is important to understand that you need to loan to make your wedding lavish or manage within your budget and save money for other important things in life.

A Few Wedding Hacks to Ponder Upon

Here are few wedding hacks that will help you to plan your wedding as per your wish and without making a compromise on your desires. You do not need to sacrifice anything, and yet it will become your dream wedding.


1. Budget tracking

Budgeting your finances may sound easy and simple at first. Hence, it is being overlooked. To get track of your expenses, you have to prepare a realistic wedding budget.

Start with the first step, i.e. writing down your total budget for the wedding. Creating a budget means you have to stick to your budget and spend within the budget only.

The best way is to maintain a spreadsheet and add all the details into it, even if it is buying a tiara worth £2. Keep it open to your partner so that you both can make changes to that sheet.

Make tabs for your major spending, i.e. decoration, venue, guest list, food, wedding outfits, entertainment.

2. Avoid Saturdays

Wedding on Saturdays can cost a premium for you since they are the most sought days for the wedding. To save a major chunk of your money, you can choose another day of the week.

Since the couples mostly prefer weekends. Choosing a Monday over Saturday can be beneficial for your budget and save a significant amount.

Choosing any other day can get you a real bargain. A weekday may not be favourable for everyone but comes under your budget; hence is a good option.

3. Favors

You can ask your cousins to bake a cake for you who make awesome cakes. Call up your aunt and ask for a fancy car. Ask for a wedding dress from your friend.

You can ask for favours and save a huge amount for your ceremony. It is ok to ask for favours. Do not hesitate, and if you feel that they cannot do it, do not pressurise them.

4. Save on Stationery

Your wedding invitations may cost you the lion’s share of your wedding. They are an expensive deal and also are not good for the environment.

You can go digital and take the help of technology to invite people. Along with the e-invites, you can go to a wedding website mentioning all the wedding details.

You can create several pages on your website giving information about your venue, entertainment sources and the itinerary for the wedding day.

5. Keep one venue

Another simple hack is to keep one venue for the wedding and the reception both. It will save your decoration and transportation costs.

Also, it will save you double fees from 2 venues. One key tip is to choose a venue that doesn’t require much decoration and is big enough to accommodate all your guests.

6. Negotiate

You can ask for quotes from different service providers such as DJ, florist. Negotiating is good for your budgeting. You can negotiate with your suppliers and get the best quote within your budget.

7. Do not go for Preferred Suppliers

Choosing a venue may bring along other services, such as the caterer, florist, DJ. Do not go for their services as they may be expensive. Instead, get your suppliers and get things done as per your way.

The venue’s preferred suppliers may charge a huge amount since they are in demand. Save money on your suppliers and spend somewhere else.

8. Try DIY ideas

To lower down the costs and save some money, you can try DIY ideas for your wedding. You can choose your forte and try your hands on some artwork to help you keep your budget.

You can choose anything such as sewing, stitching, decoration etc. This way, your efforts will help you save few bucks and give you mental satisfaction.

Several channels and videos have DIY tutorials on various things. You can follow these channels and get the right guidance for your wedding.

9. Buy what you need

Ask yourself, understand that what all things do you need? Keep reminding yourself that you do not need everything you see on the internet. It is ok not to have everything.

There is no harm and shame in having less of things at your wedding. The most important thing is your budget, and if your budget is being taken care of, you can save a lot of money and plan other exciting things for yourself.