What Is Green Waste? You’re Guide to Green Waste Removal

Green waste removal is experiencing significant growth across Australia. Despite this, large segments of the population remain hesitant to embrace it or unaware of exactly what green waste involves. While countless local council have already made the switch, green waste removal is often underutilised due to a lack of awareness or understanding of the key benefits.

What is Green Waste?

Before we dive into detail, let us take a moment to clarify exactly represents green waste. When we refer to green waste, two primary categories exist. The first major form involves outdoor greenery such as tree branches, grass clippings, flowers, weeds, mulch, and various other gardening bits. The next form surrounds compost/organic waste, generally linked to a weekly or fortnightly in night.

Whether transported by the council or via skip bin hire, green waste is sent to organic facilities and turned into high-quality compost for repurposed use.

The Major Benefits of Green Waste

Australia, like the rest of the globe, is currently in the midst of a major environmental crisis. One of the key response areas regards the switch to sustainable and effective waste management. Whether you partake in weekly green waste disposal or arrange safe skip bin hire, you can do your individual part to contribute to a more sustainable system.

Major benefits of green waste initiatives involve:

  • Reducing landfill waste
  • Lowering greenhouse gases and leachate generation
  • Reducing odours
  • High-quality compost creation

What Can Be Placed in a Weekly Green Waste Bin?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what can be placed in your weekly or fortnightly green waste bin. A common belief is that green waste only involves tree branches, mulch, and compost. In reality, there are countless items that are green bin friendly, including some that you may have never considered.

Depending on the policy of your local council, green bins may or may not be available at your residence. If they are, this opens countless opportunities that will change the way you look at waste. In addition to garden bits, items that you can put in the green bin include:

  • Food scraps
  • Tissues
  • Meat & Bones
  • Fruit peels
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Paper Towels

Simple place any of these items into a little green bin in the home and transfer the contents to the weekly green bin for council collection.

Green Skip Bins

If you have a significant amount of green/organic waste to dispose of, you can always arrange a skip bin hire service. One of the major benefits of this approach lies in the ability to gradually build-up green waste as you go. Any garden renovation/makeover, for example, will be the perfect time to organise a purpose-made green skip bin.

Before the service is finalised, remember to double check with the provider as to which items are appropriate and which are not. For instance, a general waste skip may take grass clipping and tree pruning but not soil and tree stumps. This is best clarified earlier rather than later.

Food Waste and Green Skip Bins

This is another key point to consider before skip bin hire is confirmed. Green skips are commonly used for garden bits and trimmings, while organic food waste is best managed by the weekly council collection. The last thing you will want to do is place an unnecessary burden on the skip providers. Luckily, this can be easily avoided by enquiring as to which products are suitable for green skip pickup and which are not.

Other Routes

Beyond skip bin hire and week to week waste, there are further alternatives you can explore. Let us delve into a few of them now.

Council Green Waste Collection

Some local council will offer intermittent green waste collection services. This approach is often best suited for items that are too large for the weekly green bin. In addition, it is also a viable alternative if you are moving house or in the process of a garden/outdoor overhaul. If the council’s timetable doesn’t link up to yours, remember that various skip bin hire companies also offer a similar service.

Shredding Green Waste

If you own or have access to a chipper shredder, this can be an excellent way to condense the amount of green waste at your property. Essentially, this approach is used to aid the eventual green waste disposal process and allow you to remove larger quantities.

Unfortunately, brand new chipper shredders are not always the cheapest option – a specific concern if your budget is tight.

Burning Green Waste

Typically reserved for specific circumstances, burning is another tool that can be used to condense a stockpile of green waste. Before you proceed with this approach, you must check with local authorities and clarify policy. For example, areas with a high fire risk are likely to prohibit this practice.

If this is outlawed in your council area, consider skip bin hire instead. Not only will this take the stress out of your hands and transfer it to professionals, but it will also prevent the outbreak of a fire. By handing over responsibility to waste management workers, you can avoid instances of property damage or serious personal injury.

Reach Out to Green Waste Professionals

Australia is home to a wide variety of companies that directly specialise in green waste management. Whether you need professional skip bin hire services, a reputable firm should be able to ensure that your green waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly fashion.

As we have noted above, you will need clarification prior to collection. This applies to dealings with the local council or a skip bin provider. Certain forms of green waste will only be applicable to a specific method of disposal. Whichever path you take, green waste removal is the wave of the future and should become a regular part of your home or business routine. Embracing this approach is a simple way to contribute to a more sustainable and greener path.