Top 6 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Ring

Is it already the time for you to shop for a wedding ring? Then, we offer our heartfelt congratulations!

Buying your wedding day diamonds and preparing for the wedding itself is a crazy, yet exciting time. It gets stressful but seeing your partner be as excited as you make it all worth it. Wedding rings, especially, are a considerable expense so you’d want to get the most out of the opportunity. But how can you do so?

Whether you’ll be scouting for rings together or heading out on your own, we’ll give you an extensive guide to finding the perfect one for you!

1. Trends Don’t Dictate Your Choices

A wedding ring symbolizes the timeless symbol of your love for each other. And when you add diamonds, it implies how your love will last forever. However, despite its popularity, using diamonds alone isn’t a requirement for the wedding ring you want to choose.

As a couple, you need to agree on the kinds of stones you want on your wedding ring. The same goes for the metal you want to use. 

Do you prefer gold or platinum? Rose gold has been becoming more popular lately among wedding bands for women. Meanwhile, titanium, white gold, and tungsten are gaining popularity among men’s wedding bands.

You also need to take your aesthetic and style into account. It’s a piece of jewelry that you’ll be wearing every day so it needs to be something easy to match with your usual outfits.

In other words, trends are a good start for canvassing different wedding rings. However, choosing your wedding ring is entirely yours to make.

2. The Gemstone Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect

When it comes to diamonds, experts usually cite the “Four Cs” as a standard. These are color, cut, clarity, and carat. Diamonds also have a certificate grading that’s an important factor when deciding on a stone.

A graded flawless stone (meaning there are no blemishes or inclusions) isn’t a necessity for a beautiful ring. Your attachment to the diamond dictates whether it should be on the ring. Does it give you a good feeling or are you enthralled by it?

The diamond grading is just a starting point but it doesn’t determine the kind of gemstone your ring should have. 

3. Know When Does Size Matter

Wedding rings are special but they don’t always have to be “go big or go home”. You need to discuss with your future partner how big the diamond should be. You can try weighing and analyzing your options.

Do you want to emphasize the diamond’s size instead of the color and clarity? Or do you want to focus on color and clarity instead of size?

However, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that showy wedding rings aren’t all the rage these days. The wedding ring is worn daily and as such, viewed as an extension of yourself. 

Therefore, your style is really what matters and not the traditional mold of the industry’s consumers.

4. Opt For Transparency

We don’t mean going for a high clarity diamond. By “transparency”, we mean that you ought to know where the stone came from. Other clients appreciate it when they know the gem’s backstory, especially if it’s ethically sourced.

Transparency has always been one of the diamond industry’s issues, but lab-grown diamonds have somehow resolved it. These diamonds’ origins are crystal clear. They were made in the laboratory where the process of creating diamonds was simulated.

The same can be applied to metals because consumers also want to know if the metals were sourced sustainably.

You can discuss your options with your jeweler and emphasize your terms for your wedding ring.

5. Understand the Importance of the Setting

Once you’ve chosen the stone you want, you then need to figure out what to place around it. The setting dictates the ring’s design. You can think of it as the stone as the artwork and the setting as the frame. 

What kind of frame do you want for your piece of art? It can be a bold approach or something unique. Millennials, for example, have been matching rings with their personalities to make it special.

However, you must still think of how the ring will look with you. It has to complement your style. Consumers now want something relevant and fashionable but also timeless. We recommend finding an

6Consider Working with the Experts

If you intend to have your ring customized, you can consult with the jewelers. A custom ring feels more special than just picking something from a store. We mentioned the shift in consumer behavior regarding diamond wedding bands.

They want quality instead of size, coupled with a unique shape. Some would prefer to use other stones than diamonds. For example, alexandrite can change its color from greenish blue in daylight and purple in incandescent light.

As such, jewelers are also challenged to go beyond the one-size-fits-all mentality of wedding rings.


When they said “diamonds are forever”, maybe they expected it to become the norm forever too. The gemstone has been known as the strongest mineral on earth and has been popular for decades. You can hardly imagine an engagement ring or a wedding ring that doesn’t have a diamond.

But how do you know if you’re choosing the right wedding ring? Is it enough to go out and pick something from a nearby jewelry store? Or maybe you’d want something more customized and personal? What do you, as a couple, want for your wedding?

Your wedding ring is something you’ll look at and wear for the rest of your life. Glamour aside, you’d want it to be fashionable and consistent with your style. You need to be mindful of the gemstones, metals, and setting.

The origins of the gemstone and the metal may also be concerning for you. You can opt to ask for ethically sourced materials in the making of your wedding ring.

In conclusion, you’d want your wedding ring to be comfortable in more ways than one. It’s yours and no one else’s so everything about it depends on you and your future spouse.