Feeling Aches and Pains? How to Keep Your Body Loose and Limber

Feeling Aches

In today’s hectic world of long hours, desk jobs, and demanding schedules, it is easy to forget how important it is to keep our bodies in shape. Resisting the urge to skip a workout or avoiding stretching out after a long day at work can make us feel sore and achy later on when we see no improvement in our mood or sense of well-being. This blog post will provide you with easy tips on keeping your body loose and limber to feel your best every day.

Stretching Daily

Stretching is a great way to relieve tension. Many people feel the need to stretch only after a workout, but stretching before and after workouts is equally important. Stretches can be done at any time of the day; however, many people do not take advantage of this stretch because they feel it is a waste of time or doesn’t have enough time to do so.

Try Yoga Classes

Along with stretching, yoga is a great way to keep your body loose. If you need an extra push to make sure you do regular stretches, try enrolling in some yoga classes. You can find a yoga studio near you that offers monthly memberships. Try to go to 3 yoga classes a week when you are starting out. After that, you can try doing daily yoga classes to keep your body in shape.

Avoid Prolonged Sitting

One of the easiest things we can do every day to help relieve pain is to stand up. Sitting for long periods can lead to discomfort and fatigue in the legs, back, and buttocks. Take a few minutes throughout the day at your desk or in your car, home or work, and get up and move around. If possible, take a walk or stretch for a few minutes when you get up from sitting for long periods. Prolonged sitting requires physical therapy to help reduce back pain and stiffness.

Maintain Good Posture

Our spine is supposed to be straight; however, it doesn’t always happen this way. Many of us will slump while sitting down at the desk or slouch while we drive. While it may not seem like a big deal, this bad habit can lead to pain in the lower back and elsewhere in our body. Make sure you maintain proper posture by sitting up straight or stretching when driving or sitting for long periods.

Exercise in the Right Form

To have the most benefit from exercising, we should try to keep our muscles in a state of tension. If we contract our muscles too much, the blood vessels will not be able to supply blood smoothly through the muscles. This can lead to a sore, painful muscle and possibly even injury. If you feel any pain or discomfort while exercising, keep your airway open and breathe through your nose as if you are riding a bike or treadmill.

When we feel sore, achy, and a little tense, it can be easy to miss our body’s signals that we need to find a way to keep it loose and limber. Relaxing through stretching your muscles will allow blood flow to your muscles and joints to get the most out of your daily activities. While these tips may not help relieve your pain or make you feel better right away, they are great ways to help prevent pain or injury while keeping your body in shape.