Everything You Need to Know About Teacher Certification Online Programs

Teacher Certification Online

If you’re considering a career as a teacher, you need to understand the process of becoming certified. It is a formal process that requires you to meet several state requirements before you can teach.

There are many ways to earn your teaching certificate online. These programs range from bachelor’s to master’s degrees and even certifications. In addition, some are designed for accelerated completion, which can help you start your new career sooner than ever.

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and Master of Education (MEd)

You may get the hands-on experience you need to pursue a teaching profession by enrolling in an online Master of Education (MEd) or Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program. These degrees are great for people with bachelor’s degrees who want to get into teaching or current teachers who need additional credentials to teach specific subjects or age groups.

A MAT program focuses on classroom teaching methods, learning theories, course planning and curriculum, educational psychology, educational technology, and more. It also includes a practicum or student teaching component to allow students to implement their knowledge.

Many teacher certification online programs also offer concentrations in specific subjects, such as social studies and special education. An MAT degree with a secondary education concentration prepares teachers to teach in grades 7 through 12. A MAT with a special education concentration prepares teachers to work with students with autism spectrum disorders, cognitive impairments, emotional disabilities, or physical disabilities.

A Master of Education (MEd) degree is an excellent option for current teachers looking to expand their understanding of teaching theories, pedagogy, and strategies. It is often the first step in an education doctoral program and provides a solid foundation for pursuing other advanced degrees.

MOOCs and Other Free Courses

Whether you are an aspiring teacher or a teacher looking to expand your knowledge, many online options are available. These programs can help you earn a teaching certificate at your own pace and a fraction of the cost of a traditional program.

Alternative Certification

Suppose you want to become a teacher but still need a bachelor’s degree in education. In that case, there are alternative certification programs available that can help you become licensed to teach. These programs can be a great way to start your career, especially if you are in a subject experiencing a teacher shortage.

In many cases, college and university students are no longer majoring in education as much as they once did. That’s because the industry is changing rapidly, and students may want to study something other than a subject they aren’t necessarily interested in teaching.

However, there are still people who still want to pursue a career in teaching. Several alternative teacher certification programs can help you achieve your goal of becoming a teacher in less time. In addition, for a fraction of the cost, a traditional education degree would have taken.

Getting your alternative teacher certificate varies by state, but it generally involves coursework, supervised teaching experience, and passing a licensure exam. It can be completed online or in person, depending on the specific requirements of your home state. Before taking action, research and thoroughly understanding your situation is always a good idea.