Everything You Need for an Offroad ATV Trip

Finding an ATV, packing up some camping gear, and heading out for a few days or even weeks of off-road adventure can be very fun. To make sure you are prepared for this type of trip, the following ten things essentials to take with you:

1. A tent

Rain is the off-road adventurer’s number one enemy; be sure to pack your rain gear if it rains on you during your trip. You will be camping in primitive areas most of the time, so make sure you choose a tent that can withstand any weather condition Mother Nature throws at you.

2. Food

Having plenty of food is essential for any off-road adventure because you never know what you will find on the trails or how far you will have to go to get back home. Make sure that if you pack your food in coolers, the coolers will keep the food cold for the duration of your trip. Also, make sure that if you pack perishable food, such as fresh meat or vegetables, they are used first and replenished when needed; otherwise, they will spoil and become inedible.

3. Tools and spares

No matter how well outfitted your ATV is, there will always come when you need a tool or spare part to repair. Make sure to bring along a basic tool kit for rebuild and upgrade kits for ATVs and all of the standard spare parts that could break or fail during your trip.

4. First Aid Kit

If someone on your ATV does get injured, having a complete first aid kit will be crucial. Ensure items like bandages, antiseptic wipes, splints, safety pins, tweezers, and any other medical supplies you might need. If the injury is too severe to wait to get back home for professional help, then bring along a satellite phone or emergency beacon to summon help ASAP.

5. Batteries

This one is probably the most commonly forgotten item on the list, but it is also an essential item you cannot live without if you want to use your GPS or communication equipment during the trip. Make sure to bring extra batteries for all of your devices so that they do not run out of power in the middle of your trip.

6. Water

Bringing plenty of water is one of the most critical things on an ATV trip, especially if you are going for several days or over a week without access to food. The last thing you want to do is get dehydrated and not keep up with the rest of your party.

7. GPS and maps

Having a GPS with you during an ATV trip can be very helpful in getting through dense forests, finding food and water sources, and finding your way back if you get lost or turned around. If possible, it is also recommended that you bring along a topological map as well if you are riding in an area that you are not familiar with.

8. Radio or Satellite phone

Radio will work great to keep in contact with your friends, family, and emergency responders if the need arises while on your trip. If you have a sat phone or satellite beacon, then definitely bring it along so that it can be used to call for help if someone gets injured or lost.

9. Motor Oil

Keeping your ATV’s motor oil topped off is a good idea for several reasons. First, it can help increase the longevity of your ATV and protect it from damage that might be caused by going for extended periods without being used. Second, if you leak or break in your line, letting your ATV run dry can cause damage to the engine. Make sure that you bring along extra motor oil and a funnel to make a quick repair if needed.

10. Communication devices

Make sure to plan for communication during your trip so that you can stay in contact with other people on your ATV or with friends and family back home. In addition to radio, bringing along cell phones will be great for staying connected to others while you are on the road. If something happens, having easy access to your friends and family will be paramount in getting help or just letting them know that you are ok.

Final Thoughts

Making sure that you have everything you need to head out on an ATV trip will help ensure that you are well prepared for anything. Ensure to bring along all of the items on this list and any other supplies or tools specific to your ATV before heading out into the great unknown.