3 Problems Every New Wedding Photographer Will Face & How To Overcome Them

I’ve worked as a wedding photographer for a few years, and I know that being a wedding photographer means you face certain problems right away. These issues are difficult to overcome, but they can be controlled and resolved. This post will cover the most common problems photographers face when starting their careers and the solutions to get through them.

  • Problem #1: You Haven’t Yet Established Your Style

Not knowing your style is the first issue most new wedding photographers will face. Everyone will have a different way of capturing images, and that’s because there is no one right way to do it. Some may prefer a more posed, traditional look, while others may go for a more contemporary or photojournalistic approach. However, it is good if you stay consistent with your style. If someone books you for your candid style, but you’re constantly asking them to pose in these really stiff poses all day long, they aren’t going to be too happy or satisfied about it at the end of the night.

Update with: It doesn’t matter whether you are a new wedding photographer or have been shooting weddings for years. You need to establish your style in order to attract the right clients. Also, you can book a photography rental space for an amazing wedding photoshoot. After all, the thing you want is someone who loves what you do and would love to hire you for your ultimate wedding photography.

  • Problem #2: You Have No Portfolio and No Reputation.

You will not have a reputation unless you have a portfolio.

If you have no reputation, it isn’t easy to attract clients.

If it is difficult to attract clients, the quality of your portfolio will suffer.

A vicious cycle indeed! And one that can be avoided by putting together a stunning portfolio.

The purpose of a portfolio is not only to act as a showcase for your work and style but also to act as a reference for your potential clients. To build up a solid base of photo samples, start by photographing friends and family members (if they are willing!).

You may be able to convince them to sit for a session in exchange for free prints or digital copies of your final shots. Once you have built up some samples, you can make them available on social media or on a simple website.

  • Problem #3: You Don’t Have a Pricing Strategy

The most challenging part about starting a business for many photographers is deciding how to price their work.

Make an honest assessment of your charging capacity. While it’s tempting to price your skills so that you make a lot of money in the short term, you should also consider how your rates will affect your long-term marketing goals. Generally speaking, you want your price to be high enough to cover your expenses but low enough that you’re able to attract clients in your target market.

Make sure your pricing strategy is sustainable. If you’re just starting out, it may be necessary to offer discounts or promotions as a way of establishing a portfolio and attracting new clients.  Please remember that if you don’t plan correctly, this can be harmful. Think about what kind of volume of sales is needed to break even with your discount pricing strategy. Then think about how many sales it would take for you to realize a profit equal to what you would have made with full-price sales.

All-in-all, wedding photography in Somerset or other parts of the country is one of the most lucrative photography niches. People pay a high amount for good photographers to capture their most precious memories, so if you’re talented and know how to market yourself well, there’s a lot of money to be made.

I hope you enjoyed this essay and learned something from it. Keep an eye out for additional information on current wedding photography trends!