Develop your video conferencing app like Zoom exclusively for business meetings and conferences

Develop your video conferencing app

Technology has changed our lives in a way we had never imagined. Its innovations tend to inspire us in many ways, and it has even changed our way of living. The development of the Communication medium through technology is a big hit. Now technology has entered every nook and corner of the world through video conferencing from reaching the remote areas. Zoom has now become the most preferred Video conferencing apps by many Business people.

Zoom video communication inc is an app to keep people engaged in software platforms. It allows people to connect virtually when the individuals cannot travel or meet each other. Zoom is the leading Video conferencing app in the world with a large number of users. The year 2020 saw a remarkable increase among the users of the Zoom app. The pandemic situation has made it difficult for people to contact each other for a meeting, conference, or seminar.

This Zoom app resolved the issue by enabling people to come to virtual meetings through it. It connected people globally through its Video conferencing feature. This is the time when many apps similar to Zoom have been launched. With the pandemic situation still at pace, many entrepreneurs and business owners largely depend on this video-conferencing application. After the Skype application, Zoom became one of the highly preferred Video conferencing options.

Apart from business people, it also helps students to participate in online classes, debates and conferences. It is a multi-purpose option for individuals.

Need for a launch of Zoom clone script.

Business people across the globe largely depend upon Zoom apps to schedule and organize their meetings. According to the statistics of Techcrunch during 2020, video conferencing apps were downloaded 62 million times in a week. This clearly shows the demand for the app among people. This cloud – meeting platform is compatible with all users.

The Covid-19 situation has made the business environment standstill where these video conferencing apps raised like a ray of hope. Video conferencing apps are the new trends in the market. The demand for it raised after the global pandemic situation. With many similar apps like Citrus, Skype, Whereby, Google meet etc., making rounds around the corners, Zoom has its demand. Entrepreneurs can hail up their ideas to launch their video conferencing app like Zoom.

The Zoom clone is a ready to launch app that comes with a white-label where the entrepreneurs can add their logo and name. The entrepreneurs can also incorporate their ideas while developing an app as it comes with customized features.

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Here is a view on Zoom clone app for entrepreneurs looking for a successful launch in the digital market.

Highlighted Features of Zoom clone app :

Zoom app not only ensures HD video conferencing and sound for users. It allows 1000 participants in one meeting. Here are some of the unique features of Zoom clone app,

  • Build connections:

Zoom clone apps enable users to participate in conferences or meetings. In addition to it, the app also allows its users to chat and send messages to other participants both publicly and privately. It also provides break out sessions for the participants to discuss their topics.

  • Screen Sharing

The presenters of the meeting can share their files on-screen, which other participants can view. Media files, Powerpoint presentations and web pages can also be shared from the presenter’s tab to others.

  • Sharing documents

Through the Zoom clone, the participants can share their documents during the online session, which others can view. For instance, if a user wants to collect feedback from the participants, he/she can share a document with others. The host will have access to collect feedback from the participants.Apart from this, if the speaker wants to share any documents or brochures with the participants , he can share through the app which can be downloaded by the participants for future reference.

Sharing documents

  • Turn on or Turn off Video

Switching on or off of the Web camera is the highlight of the app. The participants can have access to do, and the host or the speaker of the meeting can do it.

  • Mute the participants

The participants can mute their audio whenever desired. Imagine all the participants raising their opinion at the same time. To avoid such disturbance, this unique feature is used to mute the participants.Through this mute option, the participants can turn off their microphone and listen to the speaker. This helps the participants to attend a meeting without any hindrance.

  • Chat options for writing comments

The participants can also raise their opinions or queries by sending comments to the speaker or presenter, visible to all the participants.

  • Virtual hand rise

Virtual hand rise is a gesture by the participants to add comments to the speaker’s view so that he/she can talk next to the speaker.

  • Recording meetings

The host is the one who created a link to conduct the virtual meeting. The host can also record the meeting from the beginning for future reference.

  • Schedule your meeting

Through this particular feature, the host can schedule a meeting with a specific date and time. Through the calendar , the host can mark a date and time for the meeting and a reminder is set to remind the participants about the meeting.

Inputs for developing an app like Zoom:

The entrepreneurs can have a peek into the below-mentioned points for consideration while developing an app like zoom.

  • Work on a revenue model:

The entrepreneurs can set a premium option for the users. With premium offers, the users can organize their meetings with many participants with no specific time boundaries. The users are provided with various unique features through this option. Be it any business, the ultimate goal of it will be profits. Through premium offers, the app owners will be able to gain some good profits.

  • Be specific with your ideas:

Work on the clear picture of your business. The ideas which you are planning to channel should be practically applicable for execution. Make your app unique by differentiating it from other video conferencing apps.

  • User friendly:

An app is developed for the use of customers. So it is important to develop an app with simple and easy operation.  Work on developing your app to operate both on iOS and android platform to make it a high reach among the users. And apps also should ensure providing both UX ( user experience)and UI( user interface). The Zoom clone app development will ensure providing more reliable, scalable and user friendly services.

Summing up,

Zoom clone apps must be the right option for those entrepreneurs who are willing to start their venture in video conferencing apps. The best part of a business model lies in the execution phase. It is time to put your plans into action. So, be careful with hiring your developers and working team. Top notch clone app developers will be the best option for your business. Approach them with your plan and get your application from their hands.