Decorating Your Home For Valentine’s Day With Kids

Valentine’s Day With Kids

Every parent wants to spend a lot of time with their kids. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, you want to cherish every moment of their childhood and include them in special occasions.

Therefore, if you are planning to have a romantic day exchanging gifts with your partner at home, but don’t want your kids to feel left out, you can try decorating your home for Valentine’s Day with your little helpers. Most people don’t use decorations for their homes, even though they don’t hurt property maintenance and are fun to make.

Because of this, you might not have many decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day that are also fun for children but don’t worry, you have several options.

1.   Hanging Hearts

You are going to need some strings, paper, colorful pencils or crayons, glue, and scissors for this one.

Sit down with your kids around a table and draw hearts on paper, color them in your favorite colors, most preferably pink and red, and cut them out. Once you have the perfect hearts, stick them to strings with glue and hang them around your home.

This activity will awaken your children’s creativity, is very simple, and the results will be quite adorable.

2.   Valentine’s Day Boxes

You can help your children create little DIY Valentine’s Day boxes using cardboard and colorful paper. This activity can be done in two parts!

For the first part of this activity, create cute boxes with hearts, colors, and animal drawings – basically anything that will make you happy – and put them around your home. Secondly, as the special day gets closer, you can put candy and Valentine’s Day cards in your little boxes. In the end, you will have something useful out of a fun and creative game.

3.   Create Heart Banners

Allow your children to color paper and cut out lots and lots of hearts using their art skills. They can also mix it up a little and draw and cut out flowers for this next decoration.

After creating colorful decorations, stick them to ropes or strings and you will end up with bright and lovely decorative banners for Valentine’s Day. You can put up the heart and flower banners anywhere in your home.

By completing this activity, you will have made memories and beautiful wall decor for a special day of love.

4.   Heart Wreath

The best thing about DIY decorations is that you can take any direction you want. Allow your kids to get in touch with their arts and crafts skills and create lovely decorations. Heart wreaths are perfect for the Valentine’s Day theme and you can make them in multiple ways.

You can create heart wreath decorations in traditional round shapes using cut-out hearts. You can stick small, colorful hearts together to create a circular shape of a wreath and hang it on your door or on the walls.

On the other hand, you could use different shapes to stick together in the shape of a heart outline and create a heart-shaped wreath. You can use flower cutouts or circle cutouts, or you could simply cut a heart outline out of a piece of cardboard and draw colors and shapes on it.

Another way to create a heart wreath is to use actual flowers. This might be a little more difficult, but you could teach your kids how to make flower crowns and try to give them the shape of a heart. You could use red flowers only to make flower crowns in circular shapes to put them up on your walls or doors and it will still fit the Valentine’s Day theme!

Final Thoughts

Creating DIY decorations for valentine’s day will make your kids very happy. It will be an exciting and fun way to spend time together and accomplish something all at once. Your kids will learn a lot about decorating and creating art while also creating wonderful memories together!

Nino Chigoga

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